Munich International Airport

Germans also called it Muenchen Airport, but its full name is Munich Franz Josef Strauss Airport. It is Recognized as the second busiest airport in Germany due to the high number of passengers requiring its services, approximately 49 million per year.

Where is the airport located?

Its construction lands on over 3,500 acres and is situated 28.5km from the Northeast of Munich, about 15 to 20 min from this city.

It is also near Freising, one of the oldest towns in this area, and where many tourists arrive to visit and know the charm of Germany.

How many terminals does the Airport have?

There are only two terminals at this airport, and each one of them is divided into sections and modules; Terminal 1 has five modules (A, B, C, D, and E), distributed in the main terminal and the extension section. Almost all modules provide arrival and departure services, but Module E concentrates on arrivals only.

There is also Terminal 2, which construction was completed years after the first terminal, and it is now serving over 25 million passengers per year. Although, this terminal also has a second section that was specifically designed to handle more than 27 million passengers.

What is the distance from the airport to the center of Munich?

The average time to get to Munich International Airport from the center of the city is 45 to 50 min, depending on the way of transportation that you decide to take. Some of them are faster and cheaper, but it is also going to depend on the amount of traffic there is.

Which airline flies to and from Munich International Airport?

With over 30 different airlines, only Condor, Eurowings Discover, Lufthansa, Marabu, TUI fly Deutschland, and United Airlines lead the number of flights that arrive and depart day by day.

But, there are some other more recognized like Delta Airlines, American Airlines, Easy Jet, Emirates, and Finnair.

How to get to Munich International Airport?

You may choose from one of the 4 following options depending on the time and budget you have:

  1. Taxi: it is one of the most comfortable ways of transportation, the average time it will take to the airport is 45mi and the price may go from €95 to over €100 ($104.66 USD).
  2.   Train: time does not vary that much from what a taxi takes, it approximately last 40 min, with a low price of only €13.70 ($15.09 USD).
  3. Bus: if you decide to take the bus, it will take 45 min and it will only cost €11.50 ($12.67 USD).
  4. Private transportation: this is definitely the most expensive but comfortable way of traveling, prices vary from one company to another.

How much does a taxi cost to and from Munich?

The price of Taxi services is from €95 to €100 ($104.66 USD) depending on the taxi company, and even though the amount of time is not that different from taking the bus or the train, it is the 2 second most comfortable option.

What rental companies are available at Munich International Airport?

You may choose the best car rental company according to your needs and the type of experience you are planning to have while visiting this country, the companies are the following:

  • Sixt
  • AVIS Budget
  • Europcar
  • Hertz
  • Enterprise Rent a Car
  • Okmobility

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