Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Considered the leading international airport in Netherlands, it is located 20 minutes away from the southwest of Amsterdam City, at exactly 9km (5.5mi) in the province of North Holland. Schiphol airport in Amsterdam is the third busiest airport in Europe, with more than 70 million passengers per year.

Where is the airport located?

The exact location of the airport is 9km (5.5mi) from the southwest of Amsterdam City, in Haarlemmermeer municipality at North Holland province. It is cosider one of the busiest airports in Europe, connecting several important European airports.

How many terminals does the Airport have?

There is only one main Terminal which is divided in different Halls, called Departure Halls 1, 2 and 3. Hall number 1 has pier A, B and C, last two piers have 14 and 21 gates repectively.

Meanwhile Departure Hall 2 has pier E and shares D with Hall 1, being this last one the largest one from both airport levels. And the last Hall, number 3, is in charge of piers F, G, H and M, all of these operating in a separate way.

What is the distance from the airport to the center of Amsterdam Airport?

Since the distance is realtively short from the airpot to the city centre, the ways of transportation are various, you may find a buses, trains, rental cars and taxis. Depending on how you want to travel the cost and the time may vary, but here are the average time and costs from each type.

The cheapest options are taveling by train which takes about 15 minutes and cost 4.6 € (US$5), if you take a bus the average time to get is 30 minutes with a price of 6.4 € (US$7); however the best option of traveling and the most comfortable, is taking a taxi for approximately 46 € (US$50) and 20 minutes from the airport.

Which airline fly to and from Amsterdam Airport?

There are more than 100 airlines operating in this airport, here is a short list of some of them:

  • Air Berlin
  • Air France
  • Alitalia
  • Amsterdam Airlines
  • Belavia
  • Delta Air

You may find the complete list at

How to get to Amsterdam Airport?

It is important to consider ways of transportation when planning a trip, and fortunately there are 4 different options for you to take for getting to Amsterdam Airport.

Taking a train is now the most secure option and it is available 24/7, with two types of them: Sprinter and Intercity Direct, this last one is a high speed train and the fastest way of traveling, the average time might take 25 to 40 minutes, depending from where you travel.

There is also an airport express service bus, in which the route goes directly to the airport, with a price of 6€ (US$6.4) if it is a single ticket or 10€ (US$10.8) for a return one. Or if you prefer a more comfortable option, you may take a Taxi or a Car Rental, this is a great way of traveling especially if you are carrying a lot of luggage.

How much does a taxi cost to and from Amsterdam Airport?

Traveling by taxi is one of the most convenient ways of getting to and from the airport, when there is a lot of luggage to carry and it takes an average time of 20 to 25 minutes to get to the airport from the City Centre.

It is also one of the most expensive choices, specially if the service is provided during late hours, the cost may vary from 40 to 50 €, depending also of the type of taxi you take, there are: Private, Combined or Business. For more information you may contact one of the following taxi companies:

  • My Taxi Centrale: +31 020 475 0320
  • Staxi: +31 020 705 8888
  • STA: +31 020 354 2232
  • TCA: +31 020 777 7777
  • Taxistad: +31 020 208 0000
  • Taxi Direct Amsterdam: +31 020 633 3333
  • Aemstel Taxi: +31 020 0900 0288

What rental companies are available at Amsterdam Airport?

There are plenty of options of Car Rental Companies, and a good way of travel if you are planning to explore all the city atractions. The offices where you can hire the service are located in the ground floor of the airport, and the list of companies are:

  • Avis
  • Budget
  • Enterprise
  • Europcar
  • Hertz
  • Sixt

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