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El Dorado airport in Bogota

Key Bogota Airport Information

Address: Street 26 No. 103-09, Fontibon, Bogota, Colombia



Phone Number: +57 1266 2000

Official Website:

About Bogota Airport

Originally built in 1950, this airport has one of the most extensive landing fields in all of South America; its last expansion was performed and completed in 2017, becoming the second busiest airport in all of South America, providing flight services to more than 35 million passengers per year.

Currently ranked as the 46th Best Airport in the world, it is formally known as El Dorado Luis Carlos Galan Sarmiento International Airport or El Dorado International Airport. It is located 15 km to the west of Bogota Colombia City Center, making it accessible for users to get to and from the airport through various ground transportation options.

Bogota Airport Location

Located between the small towns of Fontibón and Engativá, this airport is 13 km to the west of Bogota Colombia City Center, commonly known as “El Centro” or “Plaza de Bolivar”. To get to the airport users need to go through the fast road of Calle 26 or Avenida del Dorado, and take either the east or west direction.

Bogota Airport Layout

There are 2 passenger terminals at this airport that are connected through shuttle buses and distributed into 2 levels. The main terminal is known by the name of “El Dorado” and the second one is “Puente Aereo”.

El Dorado terminal is a spacious terminal located on the west side of the airport, it has various types of amenities distributed in mezzanine zones that provide immigration services, food areas, retail stores, and airline lounges for passengers to wait and relax until they depart, although there is a $40 charge to use these and enjoy the food, showers, free WiFi, and even spa services that are offered. This terminal is mainly used by Avianca Airlines and has two different concourses, one is used for international flights with 9 gates, and the other one is used for Domestic flights and has 16 gates.

Puente Aereo terminal is the newest and smallest terminal but it also offers various types of services distributed in 2 levels, the first level is where all check-in desks are located right at the beginning of the terminal, while on the second level, there are different services for passenger like food court services and retail stores. On the right section of this terminal there is a baggage delivery area, and at the north central section is where the domestic piers are located for passengers to get transferred by bus.

This terminal is also recognized by its initials TPA and it is mainly used by Easyfly and Satena Airlines, reaching principally Colombian destinations like Medellin and Cali.

If you need to transfer between terminals the easiest way is to use the pedestrian bridge, which is located on the second floor of each terminal and is recognized by a signpost.

Terminal El Dorado

Location: It is located on the west side of the airport and has 9 entrances for arrivals and departures, each one numbered outside of the terminal area.

What flights it hosts: Entrances 1 – 4 are for International flights, and entrances 5 – 9 are for Domestic flights.

Airlines that it operates: LATAM, Avianca, Spirit, Wingo, Turkish Airlines, DELTA, KLM, American Airlines, Aeromexico, GOOL, Volaris, Lufthansa, CopaAirlines, IBERIA, Air Canada, Air Europa, United, Aerolineas Argentinas, Etihad, Airfrance, and VIVA.

Terminal Puente Aereo

Location: It is located in the east section of the airport and has only one main entrance, recognized with a small terrace outside of the terminal.

What flights it hosts: Mainly used for domestic flights.

Airlines that it operates: Satena, Clic, Avianca, Laser Airlines, Avior, Easyfly, Turkish Airlines, Air Canada, and Qatar Airways.

How to Travel in between terminals:

Even though there is a bridge between terminals for users to walk in, there are also two other options, one is taking a taxi right outside each terminal to get to the other one, this avoids a long walk and prevents any security inconvenience. The other option is taking the Bus Line 16-18 which is a connecting line free feeder between the 2 terminals, this service can be found outside exit 6 on the first floor of Terminal 1.

Bogota Airport Transport Information


  • Overview: It is certainly the cheapest option, and has a cost per ticket of $0.60 USD, taking an average time of 1 hour to get to and from the airport. Users may take this ride from TransMilenio (express) also known as K86 / MK86 line.
  • Frequency: The Feeder is available Monday to Saturday from 5:00 am to 11:45 pm and on Sundays or holidays from 06:00 am to 10:45 pm. K86 is available Monday to Friday from 5:30 am to 11:00 pm, Saturdays from 6:00 am to 11:00 pm, and Sundays or holidays from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm.
  • Location: All buses leave from “Estacion de El Dorado” which is located a few km from the airport, however, users may take the free feeder shuttle bus located outside Terminal 1 on gate 2.


  • Overview: this is the preferred option by users because of its comfort and availability, average cost of each taxi service is about $7 USD, and takes approximately 20 min to get to the airport.
  • Frequency: available 24/7.
  • Location: taxi services are located outside Terminal 1 at the exit doors 2, 3, 5, and 6, and Terminal 2 at the arrivals section.

Bogota Airport Hotels

Looking for the best hotels near Bogota El Dorado Airport? Here are some of the best hotels near the airport with different price ranges.

  • Hotel Movich Buró 26: located 2.2 km to the southeast of the airport, this is one of the nearest 4-star hotels with an average price per room of $50 USD.
  • Hotel Courtyard by Marriot Bogotá Airport: is 2.5 km to the southeast of the airport and offers a free shuttle bus for users to get to and from the airport without inconvenience. The price per room is around $50 USD.
  • Hotel Habitel Select Bogotá: it is also located 2.2 km from the airport and is across the main Av. 26. This is a 5-star hotel and therefore prices per room increase compared to the previously mentioned.

Bogota Airport Food & Drink

There are plenty of restaurant options to enjoy a good meal at Bogota Airport, these restaurants are available at the following airport locations:

  • 1st Floor: Dejamu Cafe, Oma Cafe,
  • 2nd Floor: Sushi Tequila, Varietale, Bogota Beer Company, Cafe Don Pedro, Crepes & Wafles, Dogger,
  • 3rd Floor: Mis Carnes Parrilla, Andres Paradero, Archies, Burger King, Diana’s,
  • 1st Floor: Oma Cafe, Bogota Beer Company, Dogger,
  • 2nd Floor: IMARK store

To name a few.

Bogota Airport Car Rentals

Several rental car companies are located inside El Dorado Airport. In Terminal 1 users will find Vaya Car Rental, Prime Car, Active Auto Rental, Avis, Rentocarro, and outside Car Rental Bogota. At Terminal 2 the available company inside is Europcar, while outside is Sixt Rent a Car. Dorado Airport.

Bogota Airport Lost & Found

If you have misplaced your belongings at Bogota Airport, you may go directly to the Lost and Found office on the 2nd floor on the hall right in front gate 5 reach. However, if it is difficult for you to arrive at that location, you can always request assistance through their mass media:

Phone Number: +57 (601) 439 7070 Ext. 5112


Make sure to provide details of the lost object or objects to make the search easier. Office hours are Monday to Sunday 6 am to 10 pm HL.

Bogota Airport Banks, ATMs & Currency Exchange

There are several ATMs located all over this airport, and they are placed in the following locations:

Terminal 1: Banco Caja Social, Banco de Bogotá, Bancolombia, BBVA, Davivienda, Itaú, Red AVAL, Scotiabank Colpatria, and Servibanca.

Terminal 2: Banco Caja Social, Banco de Bogotá, Bancolombia, BBVA, Davivienda, and Red AVAL.

Navigate Bogota Airport Like a Pro: Traveler-Tested Tips & Tricks

Going through one of the largest airports in South America could turn out into a hassle, however, Bogota Airport provides a variety of services and facilities that are easy to reach. A

A great first advice is to make sure you carry some Colombian pesos because you will need them for sure, although there is always the option of exchanging your currency with ATM services or Casa de Cambios.

When to arrive

Because this is one of the largest international airports in South America, passengers need to confirm their trip before arriving at the airport, besides that, users have to make sure they investigate the traffic and weather conditions to avoid mishaps.

The best time to arrive at Bogota Airport is at least 3 hours before your flight, especially if you are traveling internationally, don’t worry about spending too much time at the airport, we assure you will find plenty of productive ways to make your waiting more pleasant.

Automatic Check-in Process

Fortunately, almost every airport has the option of doing check-in online, and Bogota Airport is no exception, this will allow you to save time and avoid long lines, however, if you forget to do it online, there is always the option of visiting an airline kiosk or get to the airline check-in desk before going through the security doors.

Check-in and Security Hacks

Security checkpoints are easy to go through, but make sure you have performed the check-in before getting in line and taking off your shoes.

Special Assistance Services

Bogota Airport offers special assistance services to every user who requires them, some of these aids are wheelchairs, lactation cabins, and even vaccination services.


To get to any lounge waiting room, first, every user needs to go through a security check-in point and no user can get into the departure area until 5 hours before their flight. For overnight passengers there are comfortable areas for them to rest, these are some armrests suitable for lying down and sleeping on.

Some of these armrests are available in the waiting room of each airline like the Avianca VIP lounge for Lifemiles Silver, Avianca Diamond lounge, Latam VIP lounge, and more.

Family Services & Smoking Areas

Smoking at El Dorado Airport is only allowed in specific areas, which are located outside each terminal, therefore it is prohibited to smoke inside the airport.

This airport provides a variety of parenting and family assistance services like lactation suites available 24/7 and located throughout all the airport halls. There are also pet services like real grass spaces, plastic bags, and even baths for them.

Medical Assistance

For medical assistance, El Dorado Airport is serviced by The Colombian Red Cross on the second floor of Terminal 1 right in front of the Avianca check-in desk. If it is an emergency you can always call the following phone numbers in case of emergency +57-(601)-439-7070, +57-(601)-318-330-3383, 57-(601)-350-557-4523.

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