Adolfo Suárez Madrid – Barajas Airport

Is the main international airport in Madrid and the second largest airport in all Europe, located in an area of 3,050 ha. It is also known as Madrid – Barajas Airpot, considered one of the busiest with more than 62 million passengers passed through during 2019.

Where is the airport located?

This airport is located in the city limits of Madrid, 13km (8mi) from the center at Plaza Mayor, and 9km (5.5mi) from the financial district. The closeness to the centre benefits the flow of tourism and therefore the economy in Madrid, with more than 60 million passengers that arrives each yearto this airport.

How many terminals does the Airport have?

Madrid-Barajas Airport has 5 different Terminals; where Terminal 1 operates only with international flights and gates A, B and C operating; It has two levels, ground for arrivals and first for departures, and a Cibeles lounge, presenting your T1 boarding pass.

Terminal 2 is located in the oldest building, along with boarding gates C and D, it is mainly used by two specific airlines and some intercontinental flights. It also shares boarding areas and baggage claims, with Terminal 3 as an extension and only one gate operating, gate E.

Terminal 4 divides into two separate terminals, 4 and 4S, these are the biggest terminals, located in different buildings which are connected by an underground train, 3 minutes away from each other. Terminal 4 works as the main building, and it hostess domestics and international flights; and 4S mainly centers on international ones.

All of these terminals offers an extensive variety of services, such as airline counters, food and drinking places, tour operators and even a shopping centre.

What is the distance from the airport to the center of Madrid – Barajas Airport?

The historic centre of Madrid is better known as Plaza Mayor de Madrid, and it is located 9km (5.5mi) from Barajas Airport, which is about 5 minutes and it is conveniently close from the main touristic places of Madrid, offering important benefits to the city economy and all tourism activities, thanks to the comfort of traveling between the aiport and centre.

Which airline fly to and from Madrid – Barajas Airport?

  • Aer Lingus
  • Air Europa
  • Bulgaria Air
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Hainan Airlines
  • KLM
  • Vueling

The complete list of airlines operating in this airport is on

How to get to Madrid – Barajas Airport?

There are several ways to get to Madrid – Barajas Airport, the most common one is to take a Taxi, that might take 50 minutes to get if you travel from downtown of Madrid, and the average cost is 20€ to 30€. A few tips to avoid scams is making sure that the taximeter is working and if you would like to reduce cost, you may also consider using one of those popular apps like Uber to get to the airport.

Another option is taking a Bus, being the cheapest way of getting to the airport, the approximately cost is 5€, which includes the space of luggage; you may find all the information calling the following number 902 507 850.

Traveling by Metro or Train, are also two great options to get to the airport, the time it takes will depend of the place you take the service and the cost is between 2,60€ and 6€ depending if its a one way ticket or combined.

How much does a taxi cost to and from Madrid – Barajas Airport?

Taking a Taxi is one of the best options when you want to travel in a more comfortable way, and also one of the most expensive, the cost may vary from when you take the service, but the average price is 20€ to 30€ per trip.

Official cabs are white with a red stripe, and Madrid City Council coat of arms printed on their doors; if want to know more information about this service you may call the following numbers:  +34 914 804 613 / +34 914 804 619 / +34 914 804 623.

What rental companies are available at Madrid Barajas Airport?

There are 6 different Car Rental Companies, which are: Sixt, Avis, Eurpcar, Hertz, Goldcar and Enterprice; all of them with top quality services such as GPS, Baby car seats or snow equipment.

Renting a car is the best option when you want to visit all the city surroundings in one of the most comofortable ways.

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