Denpasar Bali Airport

Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport

Key Bali Airport Information

Address: Bandara International I Gusti Ngurah Rai Bali
Badung, Bali – Indonesia 80362



Phone Number: +62 361 9351011

Official Website:

About Bali Airport

Commonly known as Denpasar Bali Airport, its formal name is I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport, and it was named after an Indonesian National Hero who died on November 20th, 1946 during the Indonesian Revolution.

Built by the Colonial Dutch Administration in 1931, this airport was originally 700m long and it was used as an airfield situated on the southern coast of Bali. Its accessible location has allowed easy access for arrivals and departures without causing too much noise to near populated areas.

This airport hosts approximately 22 million passengers per year making it the most important airport in Bali and the second busiest one in Indonesia; the reason? its paradisiac beaches, warm weather, and rich culture.

Bali Airport Location

Denpasar Airport is located on the south side of Bali in Tuban City, more specifically 13 km (8 miles) from the City Center of Denpasar, near Bali Island. This airport provides service to the metropolitan area of Denpasar District and tourist locations like Kuta and Jimbaran, both of them located to the south of Denpasar Downtown at less than 15km.

Bali Airport Layout

Bali Airport has 2 operating terminals, one is used for domestic flights only and it is situated southeast of this airport in the oldest building, while the second one is located in a newer area and is used for International flights.

Terminal 1 provides services to Domestic flights, and it is divided into 4 levels, one for arrivals, another one for airport offices, a third one for departures and the fourth level is where the waiting lounges are located.

Meanwhile, Terminal 2 is used for international flights only, and has 3 levels, the 1st one for arrivals and baggage claim, the 2nd for departures and check-in, and the 3rd one is where the customer service and retail stores are placed.

Domestic Terminal

Location: it is located southeast of the airport in the oldest building which was renovated in 2014.

What flights it hosts:  it hosts gates 1A to 6 situated on the second level.

Airlines that it operates: Wings Air Indonesia, Turkish Airlines, Transnusa, Super Air Jet, Sriwijaya Air, Pelita Air, Nam Air, Lion Air, Indonesia AirAsia, Garuda Indonesia, Citlink, and Batik Air.

International Terminal

Location: it is located on the east side of the airport in the newest building designed in Balinese style.

What flights it hosts:  it hosts 10 boarding gates situated on the second level for international destinations only.

Airlines that it operates: Aero Dili Transport Services, Airasia, AirAsia X, Batik Air Malaysia, Cathay Pacific, Cebu Pacific, China Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Citilink, Emirates, Eva Air, Garuda Indonesia, Hong Kong Airlines, Indonesia Airasia, Jetstar Airways, Jetstar Asia, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Korean Air, Malaysia Airlines, Philippine Airlines, Qantas, Qatar Airways, Scoot, Singapore Airlines, Virgin Australia, Turkis Airlines, Thai Airways International, Thai Airasia, Vietjet Air, and Xiamen Airlines.

How to Travel in Between Terminals

Both terminals are connected by an amusement complex named Festival Plaza, which offers all kinds of services for users to enjoy their time at the airport.

Some of the amenities provided at Festival Plaza are retail and souvenir stores, ATMs, waiting rooms, cafes, and even play areas for children with entertainment services for them and their parents to watch movies, sports, or news.

Bali Airport Transport Information

Getting to Denpasar Bali Airport from Denpasar City Center is simple, users may choose one of the following options:

Private Transfer:

Getting a private transfer from Bali Airport is a always a great idea as prices are very affordable and you will have your driver waiting for you when you land in the island. Prices are most of the times the same as taxis but it’s easier and more confortable.


  • Overview: this is the cheapest option, with an estimated price of $2 USD, taking an average time of 15 minutes per trip to and from the airport. Users may choose from 3 different bus lines that are offered.
  • Frequency: Bus lines are on demand, which means there are various departures during the day with no specific timelines.
  • Location: All bus lines depart from Denpasar Airpot, but only Line 1 passes through Denpasar City Center. Meanwhile, Line 2 gets to Nusa Dua and Line 3 to Batubulan.


Overview: taxi fares are not that expensive, their average cost is $10 USD, making it the preferred option of transportation for users. Some of the taxi companies that offer their service to and from the airport are Ngurah Rai Airport Taxi, Grab Taxi, and Blue Bird Group.

Frequency: taxi services are on demand, and takes an average of 35 minutes to get to the airport but this could easily change depending on the amount of traffic and time of the day users decide to take this transportation.

Location: available at the arrivals area.

Bali Airport Hotels

Looking for a place to stay near Denpasar Airport? Fortunately, there are various hotel options that will adjust to every user’s needs and budget:

  • Novotel Bali Ngurah Rai Airport: located only 1 km from the airport, this is the nearest hotel that offers basic comfortable services for guests who need to rest before or after their trip.
  • Harris Hotel Kuta Tuban Bali: located 1.2 km from the airport, this is a 4-star hotel, affordable, comfortable, and in an excellent location.
  • The Patra Bali Resort & Villas: is only 2 km to the northwest side of the airport. It is a 5-star hotel which provides full comfort for its guests.

Bali Airport Food & Drink

There are various restaurants at Denpasar Airport to enjoy a tasteful meal and drink a refreshing beverage, here are some options:

  • Fresh: located before reaching the check-in area on departure gates A – B of the international section, a great choice for a pre-flight meal.
  • High Tide Bar: the perfect tropical place for passengers to enjoy a taste of Bali before leaving. This oasis is located in front of departure gates C and D of the international section.
  • Wolfgang Puck Kitchen: offers a full menu with all the culinary flavors of Bali, and it is conveniently located after the check-in desks of departure gates 2 and 3 of the international area.
  • Little Eats: is a quick service counter that serves almost all types of Asian food options. It is also located in the international section, near departure gates 2 and 3.
  • Pizza Hut: located in the domestic area, this is the preferred option for international users, especially when looking for a recognized flavor.

Bali Airport Car Rentals

This is the perfect choice when users want to get to know the city in a much more direct way, although the price will mainly depend on the type of vehicle and combustible supply they need.

Rental car companies are available at the arrival area of the airport, and each one of them offers a variety of vehicles that will adjust to each user’s necessity. Some of these companies are Avis Budget, Europcar, Hertz, and Sixt.

Bali Airport Lost & Found

It is often common for a passenger to lose their luggage and request help, if this situation happens, there is a customer service desk located at the entrance of the International Terminal, but if you want to reach them by phone:

Phone Number: +62 361 935 1011 / +62 361 936 6964

Email address:

Keep in consideration that office hours are available Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Bali Airport Banks, ATMs & Currency Exchange

There are 4 ATM machines distributed in the international arrivals area, and each of them serves a different bank, with the purpose of providing various options.

For passengers that need to exchange their money currency, there are 2 options, Wahan Money and Artha Andy Mulia, both of them located 300 mts away from the exit gate of the international terminal.

Navigate Airport Like a Pro: Traveler-Tested Tips & Tricks

Going through Denpasar Airport is simple, but it could also turn into a hassle if passengers don’t look for a map or signage, however, this airport provides a variety of services and facilities that are properly located.

When to arrive

Passengers are required to confirm their trip at least 3 hours before their flight, therefore, it is important to arrive at the airport on time and consider various factors that could delay your arrival, like traffic or weather.

Once passengers arrive, they will have plenty of ways to enjoy their waiting time through different customer services provided at Bali Airport.

Automatic Check-in Process

Most airports now have the option of performing the check-in online, and Bali Airport is not an exception. Passengers can accomplish this process even 24 hours before their flight departs.

But when technology is not available, there is always the alternative of doing the check-in directly at each airline counter desk.

Check-in and Security Hacks

Going through security checkpoints is mandatory, which is why we recommend preparing all travel documents and having them accessible, and making sure to place all electronic devices, liquids, and clothes accessories in the tray.

Special Assistance Services

Bali Airport offers special assistance services to every user who requires them, some of these are addressed for infants, children, sick passengers, disability users, pregnant women, and the elderly.


After completing the process of going through the check- and security checkpoints, every airline has a waiting room lounge for their passengers to use while their flight departs.

Family Services & Smoking Areas

Family services are available all over the airport, however, there is a specific area designated for smoking, and it is located at the Domestic Terminal on the departures section.

To get there, passengers have to go through a ladder next to Gate 6 on the upper floor of the airport.

Medical Assistance

Bali Airport offers Boogie Ambulance to the Port Health Office assistance, which includes medical staff prepared to serve every user who requires health assistance.

This is a service provided inside and outside the airport, and the main office can be found at the Domestic Terminal in the arrivals section.

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