Airports in Germany

There are 94 airports in Germany with scheduled flights. In Germany the largest airport is Frankfurt am Main Airport with flights to 239 destinations in 100 airlines.

And the biggest airline is Lufthansa with flights to 244 destinations, and awarded with 5 Star Airline Certification, by Sytrax, and independent rating agency.

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List of Germany airports:

Code Country Airport Name
AAH Germany Aachen, Germany – Aachen-Merzbrueck
AGB Germany Augsburg, Germany – Augsburg
AGE Germany Wangerooge, Germany – Wangerooge
AOC Germany Altenburg, Germany – Leipzig–Altenburg
BBH Germany Stralsund/Barth, Germany – Stralsund–Barth
BBJ Germany Bitburg, Germany – Bitburg (former Bitburg ABase)
BER Germany Berlin, Germany – Berlin Brandenburg Willy Brandt airport
BFE Germany Bielefeld, Germany – Bielefeld
BMK Germany Borkum, Germany – Borkum Airfield
BMR Germany Baltrum, Germany – Baltrum
BRE Germany Bremen, Germany – Bremen
BRV Germany Bremerhaven, Germany – Bremerhaven
BWE Germany Braunschweig, Germany – Braunschweig–Wolfsburg
BYU Germany Bayreuth, Germany – Bindlacher Berg
CBU Germany Cottbus, Germany – Cottbus-Drewitz
CGN Germany Cologne/Bonn, Germany – Cologne Bonn
CSO Germany Magdeburg, Germany – Magdeburg–Cochstedt
DRS Germany Dresden, Germany – Dresden
DTM Germany Dortmund, Germany – Dortmund
DUS Germany Düsseldorf, Germany – Duesseldorf Intl.
EIB Germany Eisenach, Germany – Eisenach-Kindel
EME Germany Emden, Germany – Emden
ERF Germany Erfurt, Germany – Erfurt-Weimar
ESS Germany Essen, Germany – Essen/Muelheim
EUM Germany Neumünster, Germany – Neumünster
FCN Germany Cuxhaven, Germany – Nordholz Naval Airbase
FDH Germany Friedrichshafen, Germany – Friedrichshafen
FEL Germany Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany – Fürstenfeldbruck ABase
FKB Germany Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden, Germany – Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden
FLF Germany Flensburg, Germany – Flensburg-Schäferhaus
FMM Germany Memmingen, Germany – Allgaeu Airport, Memmingen
FMO Germany Münster, Germany – Muenster Osnabrueck Intl.
FNB Germany Neubrandenburg, Germany – Neubrandenburg
FRA Germany Frankfurt, Germany – Frankfurt
FRZ Germany Fritzlar, Germany – Fritzlar ABase
GHF Germany Giebelstadt, Germany – Veranstaltungsgelände
GKE Germany Geilenkirchen, Germany – NATO ABase Geilenkirchen
GTI Germany Güttin, Germany – Rügen (Güttin Airfield)
GUT Germany Gütersloh, Germany – RAF Gütersloh
GWT Germany Sylt, Germany – Westerland / Sylt
HAJ Germany Hanover, Germany – Hannover-Langenhagen
HAM Germany Hamburg, Germany – Hamburg airport
HDB Germany Heidelberg, Germany – Heidelberg
HDF Germany Heringsdorf, Germany – Heringsdorf
HEI Germany Heide/Büsum, Germany – Heide–Büsum
HGL Germany Heligoland, Germany – Heligoland (Düne)
HHN Germany Hahn, Germany – Frankfurt-Hahn
HOQ Germany Hof, Germany – Hof-Plauen
IES Germany Riesa, Germany – Riesa–Göhlis Airfield
IGS Germany Ingolstadt, Germany – Manching
ILH Germany Illesheim, Germany – Illesheim AAField
JUI Germany Juist, Germany – Juist
KEL Germany Kiel, Germany – Kiel / Holtenau Civilian
KOQ Germany Köthen, Germany – Köthen
KSF Germany Kassel, Germany – Kassel Calden
KZG Germany Kitzingen, Germany – Kitzingen
LBC Germany Lübeck, Germany – Luebeck
LEJ Germany Leipzig, Germany – Leipzig-Halle
LGO Germany Langeoog, Germany – Langeoog
LHA Germany Lahr, Germany – Black Forest (Lahr)
MGL Germany Mönchengladbach, Germany – Düsseldorf Mönchengladbach
MHG Germany Mannheim, Germany – Baden Wurttemberg, Neuostheim
MUC Germany Munich, Germany – Munich Intl.
NOD Germany Norden, Germany – Norddeich
NRD Germany Norderney, Germany – Norderney
NRN Germany Weeze, Germany – Niederrhein Weeze
NUE Germany Nuremberg, Germany – Nuremberg
OBF Germany Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany – Oberpfaffenhofen
OHR Germany Wyk auf Föhr, Germany – Wyk auf Föhr
PAD Germany Paderborn/Lippstadt, Germany – Paderborn Lippstadt
PEF Germany Peenemünde, Germany – Peenemünde Airfield
PSH Germany Sankt Peter-Ording, Germany – Sankt Peter-Ording
QHU Germany Husum, Germany – Husum Schwesing
QKL Germany Cologne, Germany – Cologne Railway
RBM Germany Straubing, Germany – Straubing Wallmühle
REB Germany Rechlin, Germany – Rechlin–Lärz Airfield
RLG Germany Rostock, Germany – Rostock-Laage
RMS Germany Ramstein, Germany – Ramstein
SCN Germany Saarbrücken, Germany – Saarbruecken
SGE Germany Siegen, Germany – Siegerland
SPM Germany Spangdahlem, Germany – Spangdahlem ABase
STR Germany Stuttgart, Germany – Stuttgart
SXF Germany Berlin, Germany – Berlin Schoenefeld
SZW Germany Schwerin, Germany – Schwerin-Parchim Intl
TXL Germany Tegel/Berlin, Germany – Berlin Tegel
WBG Germany Schleswig, Germany – Fliegerhorst Schleswig
WIE Germany Wiesbaden, Germany – Wiesbaden AAField
WVN Germany Wilhelmshaven, Germany – JadeWeser
XFW Germany Hamburg, Germany – Hamburg Finkenwerder
XLW Germany Lemwerder, Germany – Lemwerder
ZCN Germany Celle, Germany – Celle ABase
ZPQ Germany Rhine, Germany – Rheine ABase
ZQW Germany Zweibrücken, Germany – Zweibruecken
ZWS Germany Stuttgart, Germany – Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof

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