Airports in Yemen

Yemen has a total of 24 airports with scheduled flights. The biggest airport in Yemen is Sana’a International Airport with flights to 22 destinations in 12 airlines.

With Yemeni (Yemenia) as the leading airline, with one of the most modern fleets in all the world and 50 years of experience, offering flights to 29 destinations.

At the list below you will find all information related to the airports in Yemen like flight routes and scheduled arrivals and departures on that airport.

Specific flight routes are available and you can also find other airports nearby in case you prefer flights from close cities.

List of Yemen airports:

Code Country Airport Name
AAY Yemen Al Ghaydah, Yemen – Al Ghaydah
ADE Yemen Aden, Yemen – Aden
AXK Yemen Ataq, Yemen – Ataq
BHN Yemen Beihan, Yemen – Beihan
BUK Yemen Albuq, Yemen – Albuq
BYD Yemen Al Bayda, Yemen – Al Bayda
DAH Yemen Dathina, Yemen – Dathina
DHL Yemen Dhala, Yemen – Dhala
DMR Yemen Dhamar, Yemen – Dhamar
EAB Yemen Abbs, Yemen – Abbs
GXF Yemen Sayun, Yemen – Seiyun
HOD Yemen Al Hudaydah, Yemen – Hodeidah
IHN Yemen Qishn, Yemen – Qishn
KAM Yemen Kamaran, Yemen – Kamaran
LDR Yemen Lawdar, Yemen – Lawdar
MFY Yemen Mayfa’ah, Yemen – Mayfa’ah
MYN Yemen Ma’rib, Yemen – Marib
RIY Yemen Al Mukalla, Yemen – Riyan Intl.
RXA Yemen Sana’a, Yemen – Raudha
SAH Yemen Sana’a, Yemen – Sana’a Intl.
SCT Yemen Socotra, Yemen – Socotra
SYE Yemen Sa’dah, Yemen – Saadah
TAI Yemen Taiz, Yemen – Ta’izz Intl.
WDA Yemen Wadi Ain, Yemen – Wadi Ain