Airports in Turkey

There are 63 airports in Turkey with scheduled flights. The biggest airport in Turkey is Atatürk International Airport with flights to 227 destinations in 68 airlines.

And Turkair (Turkish Airlines) is the biggest airline, offering an excellent flight experience in each of its classes along with delicious meals, and flights to 258 destinations.

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Specific flight routes are available and you can also find other airports nearby to better find ways to travel.

List of Turkey airports:

Code Country Airport Name
ADA Turkey Adana, Turkey – Adana Sakirpasa
ADB Turkey İzmir, Turkey – Izmir Adnan Menderes Intl.
ADF Turkey Adıyaman, Turkey – Adiyaman
AFY Turkey Afyon, Turkey – Afyon
AJI Turkey Ağrı, Turkey – Agri
ANK Turkey Ankara, Turkey – Ankara Etimesgut Air Base
AOE Turkey Eskişehir, Turkey – Eskisehir Anadolu
ASR Turkey Kayseri, Turkey – Kayseri Erkilet
AYT Turkey Antalya, Turkey – Antalya
BAL Turkey Batman, Turkey – Batman
BDM Turkey Bandırma, Turkey – Bandırma
BGG Turkey Bingöl, Turkey – Bingöl
BJV Turkey Milas/Bodrum, Turkey – Bodrum Milas
BXN Turkey Bodrum, Turkey – Bodrum-Imsik
BZI Turkey Balıkesir, Turkey – Balıkesir (Merkez)
CII Turkey Aydın, Turkey – Aydın (Çıldır)
CKZ Turkey Çanakkale, Turkey – Canakkale
DIY Turkey Diyarbakır, Turkey – Diyarbakir
DLM Turkey Dalaman, Turkey – Dalaman
DNZ Turkey Denizli, Turkey – Denizli Cardak
EDO Turkey Edremit, Turkey – Balikesir Koca Seyit
ERC Turkey Erzincan, Turkey – Erzincan
ERZ Turkey Erzurum, Turkey – Erzurum
ESB Turkey Ankara, Turkey – Ankara Esenboga Intl.
ESK Turkey Eskişehir, Turkey – Eskişehir
EZS Turkey Elazığ, Turkey – Elazig
GKD Turkey Gökçeada, Turkey – Gökçeada
GNY Turkey Şanlıurfa, Turkey – Şanlıurfa GAP
GZP Turkey Gazipaşa, Turkey – Gazipasa-Alanya
GZT Turkey Gaziantep, Turkey – Gaziantep Oguzeli Intl.
HTY Turkey Hatay, Turkey – Hatay
IGD Turkey Iğdır, Turkey – Igdir
IGL Turkey İzmir, Turkey – Cigli Air Base
ISE Turkey Isparta, Turkey – Suleyman Demirel
IST Turkey Istanbul, Turkey – Istanbul Atatürk
IZM Turkey İzmir, Turkey – All airports
KCM Turkey Kahramanmaraş, Turkey – Kahramanmaras
KCO Turkey İzmit, Turkey – Cengiz Topel Naval Air Station
KFS Turkey Kastamonu, Turkey – Kastamonu
KSY Turkey Kars, Turkey – Kars
KYA Turkey Konya, Turkey – Konya
KZR Turkey Kütahya, Turkey – Kuetahya Zafer
MLX Turkey Malatya, Turkey – Malatya Erhac
MQM Turkey Mardin, Turkey – Mardin
MSR Turkey Muş, Turkey – Mus
MZH Turkey Amasya, Turkey – Merzifon
NAV Turkey Nevşehir, Turkey – Nevsehir Kapadokya
NKT Turkey Şırnak/Cizre, Turkey – Sirnak
NOP Turkey Sinop, Turkey – Sinop
OGU Turkey Ordu/Giresun, Turkey – Ordu – Giresun
ONQ Turkey Zonguldak, Turkey – Caycuma
SAW Turkey Istanbul, Turkey – Sabiha Goekcen Intl.
SFQ Turkey Şanlıurfa, Turkey – Şanlıurfa
SSX Turkey Samsun, Turkey – Samsun Samair
SXZ Turkey Siirt, Turkey – Siirt
SZF Turkey Samsun, Turkey – Samsun-Carsamba
TEQ Turkey Tekirdağ, Turkey – Tekirdağ Çorlu
TJK Turkey Tokat, Turkey – Tokat
TZX Turkey Trabzon, Turkey – Trabzon
USQ Turkey Usak, Turkey – Usak
VAN Turkey Van, Turkey – Van Ferit Melen
VAS Turkey Sivas, Turkey – Sivas
YEI Turkey Yenişehir, Turkey – Bursa Yenisehir

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