Airports in Tanzania

There are 29 airports in Tanzania with scheduled flights. The biggest airport in Tanzania is Julius Nyerere International Airport with flights to 22 destinations in 20 airlines.

And Precision Air is the biggest airline, established since 1993 with great customer reviews, and flights to 11 destinations around the world.

Click an airport from the list below to get all relevant information like flight routes and scheduled arrivals and departures on that airport.

Specific flight routes are available and you can also find other airports nearby in case you prefer flights from close cities.

List of Tanzania airports:

Code Country Airport Name
ARK Tanzania Arusha, Tanzania – Arusha
BKZ Tanzania Bukoba, Tanzania – Bukoba
DAR Tanzania Dar es Salaam, Tanzania – Julius Nyerere Intl.
DOD Tanzania Dodoma, Tanzania – Dodoma
GIT Tanzania Geita, Tanzania – Geita
GTZ Tanzania Grumeti, Tanzania – Kirawira B Airstrip
IRI Tanzania Iringa, Tanzania – Iringa (Nduli)
JOM Tanzania Njombe, Tanzania – Njombe
JRO Tanzania Kilimanjaro, Tanzania – Kilimanjaro Intl.
KIY Tanzania Kilwa Masoko, Tanzania – Kilwa Masoko
LDI Tanzania Lindi, Tanzania – Lindi (Kikwetu)
LKY Tanzania Lake Manyara, Tanzania – Lake Manyara
MBI Tanzania Mbeya, Tanzania – Mbeya
MFA Tanzania Mafia Isl, Tanzania – Mafia Island
MUZ Tanzania Musoma, Tanzania – Musoma
MWN Tanzania Mwadui, Tanzania – Mwadui
MWZ Tanzania Mwanza, Tanzania – Mwanza
MYW Tanzania Mtwara, Tanzania – Mtwara
NCH Tanzania Nachingwea, Tanzania – Nachingwea
PMA Tanzania Pemba Isl, Tanzania – Pemba / Karume
SEU Tanzania Seronera, Tanzania – Seronera Airstrip
SGX Tanzania Songea, Tanzania – Songea
SHY Tanzania Shinyanga, Tanzania – Shinyanga
SUT Tanzania Sumbawanga, Tanzania – Sumbawanga
TBO Tanzania Tabora, Tanzania – Tabora
TGT Tanzania Tanga, Tanzania – Tanga
TKQ Tanzania Kigoma, Tanzania – Kigoma
XMI Tanzania Masasi, Tanzania – Masasi
ZNZ Tanzania Zanzibar, Tanzania – Abeid Amani Karume Intl.

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