Airports in Sweden

Sweden has a total of 53 airports with scheduled flights. The largest of the airports in Sweden is Stockholm-Arlanda Airport with flights to 123 destinations in 51 airlines.

Scandinavian (Scandinavian Airlines System) is the biggest airline, with excellent customer service plan and flights to 126 destinations around the world.

At the list below you will find all information related to the airports in Sweden like flight routes and scheduled arrivals and departures on that airport.

Specific flight routes are available and you can also find other airports nearby to better find ways to prepare your trip.

List of Sweden airports:

Code Country Airport Name
AGH Sweden Ängelholm, Sweden – AEngelholm-Helsingborg
AJR Sweden Arvidsjaur, Sweden – Arvidsjaur
ARN Sweden Stockholm, Sweden – Stockholm Arlanda
BLE Sweden Borlänge, Sweden – Dala
BMA Sweden Stockholm, Sweden – Stockholm-Bromma
EKT Sweden Eskilstuna, Sweden – Eskilstuna
EVG Sweden Sveg, Sweden – Sveg
GEV Sweden Gällivare, Sweden – Gaellivare
GOT Sweden Gothenburg, Sweden – Gothenburg-Landvetter
GSE Sweden Gothenburg, Sweden – Gothenburg City
GVX Sweden Gävle, Sweden – Gävle-Sandviken
HAD Sweden Halmstad, Sweden – Halmstad
HFS Sweden Hagfors, Sweden – Hagfors
HLF Sweden Hultsfred/Vimmerby, Sweden – Hultsfred-Vimmerby
HMV Sweden Hemavan/Tärnaby, Sweden – Hemavan
HUV Sweden Hudiksvall, Sweden – Hudiksvall
IDB Sweden Idre, Sweden – Idre
JKG Sweden Jönköping, Sweden – Joenkoeping
KID Sweden Kristianstad, Sweden – Kristianstad
KLR Sweden Kalmar, Sweden – Kalmar OEland
KRF Sweden Kramfors/Sollefteå, Sweden – Hoega Kusten
KRN Sweden Kiruna, Sweden – Kiruna
KSD Sweden Karlstad, Sweden – Karlstad
KSK Sweden Karlskoga, Sweden – Karlskoga
KVB Sweden Skövde, Sweden – Skoevde
LDK Sweden Lidköping, Sweden – Lidköping-Hovby
LLA Sweden Luleå, Sweden – Lulea
LPI Sweden Linköping, Sweden – Linkoeping City
LYC Sweden Lycksele, Sweden – Lycksele
MMA Sweden Malmö, Sweden – All airports
MMX Sweden Malmö, Sweden – Malmoe
MXX Sweden Mora, Sweden – Mora-Siljan
NRK Sweden Norrköping, Sweden – Norrkoeping
NYO Sweden Stockholm/Nyköping, Sweden – Stockholm Skavsta
OER Sweden Örnsköldsvik, Sweden – OErnskoeldsvik
ORB Sweden Örebro, Sweden – OErebro
OSD Sweden Östersund, Sweden – Are OEstersund
OSK Sweden Oskarshamn, Sweden – Oskarshamn
PJA Sweden Pajala, Sweden – Pajala
RNB Sweden Ronneby/Karlskrona, Sweden – Ronneby
SDL Sweden Sundsvall/Härnösand, Sweden – Sundsvall-Timra
SFT Sweden Skellefteå, Sweden – Skelleftea
SOO Sweden Söderhamn, Sweden – Söderhamn (Helsinge)
SQO Sweden Storuman, Sweden – Storuman
STO Sweden Stockholm, Sweden – All airports
THN Sweden Trollhättan/Vänersborg, Sweden – Trollhaettan-Vaenersborg
TYF Sweden Torsby, Sweden – Torsby
UME Sweden Umeå, Sweden – Umea
VBY Sweden Visby, Sweden – Visby
VHM Sweden Vilhelmina, Sweden – Vilhelmina
VST Sweden Stockholm, Sweden – Stockholm-Vaesteras
VXO Sweden Växjö, Sweden – Vaexjoe Smaland
XWP Sweden Hassleholm, Sweden – Hassleholm

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