Airports in Suriname

There are 16 airports in Suriname with scheduled flights. In Suriname the largest airport is Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport with flights to 7 destinations in 4 airlines.

Surinam (Surinam Airways) is the biggest airline, with great customer support and flights to 9 national and international destinations.

At the list below you will find all information related to the airports in Suriname like flight routes and scheduled arrivals and departures on that airport.

Specific flight routes are available and you can also find other airports nearby to better find ways to prepare your trip.

List of Suriname airports:

Code Country Airport Name
AAJ Suriname Awaradam, Suriname – Cayana Airstrip
ABN Suriname Albina, Suriname – Albina Airstrip
AGI Suriname Wageningen, Suriname – Wageningen Airstrip
BTO Suriname Botopasi, Suriname – Botopasi Airstrip
DOE Suriname Djoemoe, Suriname – Djoemoe Airstrip
DRJ Suriname Drietabbetje, Suriname – Drietabbetje Airstrip
ICK Suriname Nieuw Nickerie, Suriname – Majoor Henry Fernandes (Nieuw Nickerie)
KCB Suriname Kasikasima, Suriname – Tepoe Airstrip
LDO Suriname Aurora, Suriname – Laduani Airstrip
MOJ Suriname Moengo, Suriname – Moengo Airstrip
OEM Suriname Paloemeu, Suriname – Vincent Fayks
ORG Suriname Paramaribo, Suriname – Zorg en Hoop
PBM Suriname Paramaribo, Suriname – Johan Adolf Pengel Intl.
SMZ Suriname Stoelmans Eiland, Suriname – Stoelmans Eiland Airstrip
TOT Suriname Totness, Suriname – Coronie
WSO Suriname Washabo, Suriname – Washabo