Airports in Slovakia

Slovakia has a total of 8 airports with scheduled flights. In Slovakia the largest airport is M. R. Štefánik Airport with flights to 18 destinations in 5 airlines.

Matra (Sky Europe Airlines), Relax (Go2Sky) and Air Explore are some of the airlines operating in this airport, with flights to 1 destination each.

At the list below you will find all information related to the airports in Slovakia like flight routes and scheduled arrivals and departures on that airport.

Specific flight routes are available and you can also find other airports nearby in case you prefer flights from close cities.

List of Slovakia airports:

Code Country Airport Name
BTS Slovakia Bratislava, Slovakia – Bratislava
ILZ Slovakia Žilina, Slovakia – Zilina
KSC Slovakia Košice, Slovakia – Kosice Intl.
LUE Slovakia Lučenec, Slovakia – Boľkovce
POV Slovakia Prešov, Slovakia – Prešov ABase
PZY Slovakia Piešťany, Slovakia – Piešťany
SLD Slovakia Sliač, Slovakia – Sliač
TAT Slovakia Poprad, Slovakia – Poprad-Tatry