Prague Airport

Also known as Václav Havel Airport Prague, located at the border of Ruzyně, 12km (7mi) west from the centre of Prague; is the main international airport in the largest city of Czech Republic, where approximately 17 million passengers are attend.

Where is the airport located?

The specific location of this airport is at the border of Ruzyně, right next to Kezeves village; 12km (7mi) from the west of downtown Prague and southeast from the city of Kladno. Founded in 1937 and has gone through several modifications, the last one done was back in 2006.

How many terminals does the Airport have?

With 3 different Terminals on service, only two of them are for public services; where Terminal 1 concentrates on hosting only intercontinental flights and two concourses, A with gates A1 to A8, and B with gates B1 to B19.

Connected with this first terminal is Terminal 2, in which service is provide to domestic and international departures as well as arrivals; and two main concourses, C (1 -21) and D (1 – 6). And the last Terminal, number 3 has been bond with a 4th one that previously existed, and the use is only for private flights, state visits and VIP flights.

What is the distance from the airport to the center of Prague?

Thanks to the closeness of it, at exact 12km (7mi), there are several ways of getting to the City Centre when arriving to the airport; the main options are Airport Express Bus, public buses, trains, taxis, private transportation and car rental services.

Which airline fly to and from Prague Airport?

  • Aeroflot
  • Aeromexico
  • Alitalia
  • British Airways
  • Egyptair
  • Emirates

The complete list of airlines operating is on the following link

How to get to Prague Airport?

If you are trying to get to the airport you may take different types of transportation, the cheapest one is catching a public bus and it takes about 25 minutes getting to the airport if you are traveling from the city centre.

Along with this first option, train transportation is the second best way of traveling, since it is connected directly to the airport express shuttle bus service, operating from 5:30 am to 10:00 pm. and taking 25 minutes to arrive from the centre to the airport.

The are also two more comfortable options: taxi and car rental; along with these services, price increases depending on the time, location and amount of luggage you carry; the best advice is to pre book and negociate fares before departing.

How much does a taxi cost to and from Prague Airport?

Taxi services are one of the best ways of traveling from and to Prague Airport, specially if you carry a lot of luggage, but it is also an expensive transportation since the price goes around 20€ (US $21.6), taking approximately 20 minutes to get to downtown of Prague.

This service tends to have bad reputation for overcharging tourist, but it is important to pre book a service or negociate prices before departing. If you want to get more information you may call the following numbers:

  • Fix Taxi +420 220 113 892
  • Taxi Praha +420 220 414 414

What rental companies are available at Prague Airport?

Renting a car is always a perfect idea if you are planning to explore Czech Republic and more places outside City of Prague; you can compare prices and services in the following ling and get more information of all Car Rental Companies

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