Airports in Panama

Panama has a total of 35 airports with scheduled flights. The biggest airport in Panama is Tocumen International Airport with flights to 72 destinations in 18 airlines.

The leading airline is Copa (Copa Airlines), recognized for its extraordinary customer service and the variety of comfortable seats they offer, with flights to 69 national and international destinations.

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All Panama airports:

Code Country Airport Name
ACU Panama Achutupo, Panama – Achutupo
AIL Panama Ailigandí, Panama – Ailigandí
AML Panama Puerto Armuelles, Panama – Puerto Armuelles
BFQ Panama Puerto Piña, Panama – Bahía Piña
BLB Panama Panama Pacifico, Panama – Panamá Pacífico Intl (former Howard AFB)
BOC Panama Bocas Town, Panama – Bocas del Toro “Isla Colon” Intl.
CHX Panama Changuinola, Panama – Changuinola Capitán Manuel Niño Intl
CTD Panama Chitré, Panama – Chitré Alonso Valderrama
CTE Panama Cartí, Panama – Cartí
CZJ Panama Corazón de Jesús, Panama – Corazón de Jesús
DAV Panama David, Panama – David
ELE Panama El Real, Panama – El Real
GHE Panama Garachiné, Panama – Garachiné
IVI Panama Viveros Isl, Panama – Viveros Isl
JQE Panama Jaqué, Panama – Jaqué
MPI Panama Mamitupo, Panama – Mamitupo
MPP Panama Mulatupo, Panama – Mulatupo
NBL Panama San Blas, Panama – Wannukandi
NGN Panama Narganá, Panama – Narganá
NMG Panama San Miguel, Panama – San Miguel
OGM Panama Ustupo, Panama – Ustupu-Ogobsucum
ONX Panama Colón, Panama – Enrique Adolfo Jiménez
OTD Panama Contadora Isl, Panama – Contadora
PAC Panama Panama City, Panama – Albrook “Marcos A. Gelabert” Intl.
PDM Panama Pedasí, Panama – Pedasí (Capt. J. Montenegro)
PLP Panama La Palma, Panama – Captain Ramon Xatruch
PTY Panama Panama City, Panama – Tocumen Intl.
PUE Panama Puerto Obaldía, Panama – Puerto Obaldia
PVE Panama El Porvenir, Panama – El Porvenir
PYC Panama Playón Chico, Panama – Playón Chico
PYV Panama Yaviza, Panama – Yaviza
RIH Panama Río Hato, Panama – Scarlett Martinez Intl
SAX Panama Sambú, Panama – Sambú
SYP Panama Santiago de Veraguas, Panama – Ruben Cantu
TJC Panama Ticantiquí, Panama – Ticantiquí

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