Airports in Norway

Norway has a total of 55 airports with scheduled flights. The biggest airport in Norway is Oslo Gardermoen Airport with flights to 104 destinations in 34 airlines.

Where the biggest airline is Nor Shuttle (Norwegian Air Shuttle) offering low prices for national and international destinations and flights to 102 places.

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All Norway airports:

Code Country Airport Name
AES Norway Ålesund, Norway – Alesund Airport, Vigra
ALF Norway Alta, Norway – Alta Lufthavn
ANX Norway Andenes, Norway – Andoya Andenes
BDU Norway Bardufoss, Norway – Bardufoss
BGO Norway Bergen, Norway – Bergen / Flesland
BJF Norway Båtsfjord, Norway – Batsfjord
BNN Norway Brønnøysund, Norway – Bronnoysund Bronnoy
BOO Norway Bodø, Norway – Bodo
BVG Norway Berlevåg, Norway – Berlevag
EVE Norway Harstad/Narvik, Norway – Harstad/Narvik Airport, Evenes
FDE Norway Førde, Norway – Forde Airport, Bringeland
FRO Norway Florø, Norway – Floro
GLL Norway Gol, Norway – Gol/Klanten
HAA Norway Hasvik, Norway – Hasvik
HAU Norway Haugesund, Norway – Haugesund Airport, Karmoy
HFT Norway Hammerfest, Norway – Hammerfest
HMR Norway Hamar, Norway – Hamar/Stafsberg
HOV Norway Ørsta/Volda, Norway – Orsta-Volda Airport, Hovden
HVG Norway Honningsvåg, Norway – Honningsvag Airport, Valan
KKN Norway Kirkenes, Norway – Kirkenes
KRS Norway Kristiansand, Norway – Kristiansand Airport, Kjevik
KSU Norway Kristiansund, Norway – Kristiansund Airport, Kvernberget
LKL Norway Lakselv, Norway – Lakselv Banak
LKN Norway Leknes, Norway – Leknes
LYR Norway Longyearbyen, Norway – Svalbard Airport, Longyear
MEH Norway Mehamn, Norway – Mehamn
MJF Norway Mosjøen, Norway – Mosjoen Airport, Kjaerstad
MOL Norway Molde, Norway – Molde Airport, Aro
MQN Norway Mo i Rana, Norway – Mo i Rana Airport, Rossvoll
NTB Norway Notodden, Norway – Notodden/Tuven
NVK Norway Narvik, Norway – Narvik Airport, Framnes
OLA Norway Ørland, Norway – Orland
OSL Norway Oslo, Norway – Oslo/Gardermoen airport
OSY Norway Namsos, Norway – Namsos Lufthavn
RET Norway Røst, Norway – Rost Flyplass
RRS Norway Røros, Norway – Roros
RVK Norway Rørvik, Norway – Rorvik Airport, Ryum
RYG Norway Oslo/Moss, Norway – Rygge
SDN Norway Sandane, Norway – Sandane / Anda
SKE Norway Skien, Norway – Skien-Geiteryggen
SKN Norway Stokmarknes, Norway – Storkmarknes / Skagen
SOG Norway Sogndal, Norway – Sogndal / Haukasen
SOJ Norway Sørkjosen, Norway – Sorkjosen
SRP Norway Stord, Norway – Stord / Soerstokken
SSJ Norway Sandnessjøen, Norway – Sandnessjoen Airport, Stokka
SVG Norway Stavanger, Norway – Stavanger Airport, Sola
SVJ Norway Svolvær, Norway – Svolvaer Airport, Helle
SYG Norway Svalbard, Norway – Spitsberg
TOS Norway Tromsø, Norway – Tromso Airport, Langnes
TRD Norway Trondheim, Norway – Trondheim Airport, Vaernes
TRF Norway Sandefjord, Norway – Sandefjord Airport, Torp
VAW Norway Vardø, Norway – Vardo Airport, Svartnes
VDB Norway Fagernes, Norway – Fagernes Airport, Leirin
VDS Norway Vadsø, Norway – Vadso
VRY Norway Værøy, Norway – Værøy Heliport

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