Airports in Mongolia

Mongolia has a total of 20 airports with scheduled flights. In Mongolia the largest airport is Chinggis Khaan International Airport with flights to 15 destinations in 7 airlines.

There are two biggest airlines, one is Mongol Air (MIAT Mongolian Airlines) with flights to 7 destinations and Mongol_air (Mongolian International Air Lines ) with 5 destinations.

At the list below you will find all information related to the airports in Mongolia like flight routes and scheduled arrivals and departures on that airport.

Specific flight routes are available and you can also find other airports nearby to better find ways to travel.

List of Mongolia airports:

Code Country Airport Name
AVK Mongolia Arvaikheer, Mongolia – Arvaikheer
BYN Mongolia Bayankhongor, Mongolia – Bayankhongor
COQ Mongolia Choibalsan, Mongolia – Choibalsan
DLZ Mongolia Dalanzadgad, Mongolia – Dalanzadgad
ERT Mongolia Erdenet, Mongolia – Erdenet
HBU Mongolia Bulgan, Mongolia – Bulgan/Khovd
HJT Mongolia Khujirt, Mongolia – Khujirt
HTM Mongolia Khatgal, Mongolia – Khatgal
HVD Mongolia Khovd, Mongolia – Khovd
KHR Mongolia Kharkhorin, Mongolia – Kharkhorin
LTI Mongolia Altai, Mongolia – Altai
MXV Mongolia Mörön, Mongolia – Moeroen
MXW Mongolia Mandalgovi, Mongolia – Mandalgovi
TSZ Mongolia Tsetserleg, Mongolia – Tsetserleg
UGA Mongolia Bulgan, Mongolia – Bulgan
ULG Mongolia Bayan-Ölgii Province, Mongolia – Ölgii
ULN Mongolia Ulan Bator, Mongolia – Ulan-Bator Chinggis Khan Intl.
ULO Mongolia Ulaangom, Mongolia – Ulaangom
UNR Mongolia Öndörkhaan, Mongolia – Öndörkhaan
UUN Mongolia Baruun-Urt, Mongolia – Baruun Urt

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