Airports in Micronesia

Micronesia has a total of 5 airports with scheduled flights. The biggest airport in Micronesia is Chuuk International Airport with flights to 2 destinations in 1 airline.

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Specific flight routes are available and you can also find other airports nearby to better find ways to prepare your trip.

All Micronesia airports:

Code Country Airport Name
KSA Micronesia Kosrae, Micronesia – Kosrae Intl.
PNI Micronesia Pohnpei, Micronesia – Pohnpei Intl.
TKK Micronesia Weno, Micronesia – Chuuk Intl.
ULI Micronesia Falalop, Micronesia – Falalop Isl
YAP Micronesia Yap, Micronesia – Yap Intl.