Airports in Mexico

Mexico has a total of 96 airports with scheduled flights. The biggest airport in Mexico is Cancún International Airport with flights to 78 destinations in 44 airlines.

Where the biggest airline is Aeromexico (AeroMéxico), with flights to 129 destinations, with top quality customer service and excellent reviews.

At the list below you will find all information related to the airports in Mexico like flight routes and scheduled arrivals and departures on that airport.

Specific flight routes are available and you can also find other airports nearby to better find ways to prepare your trip.

All Mexico airports:

Code Country Airport Name
ACA Mexico Acapulco, Mexico – General Juan N. Alvarez Intl.
ACN Mexico Ciudad Acuña, Mexico – Ciudad Acuña Intl
AGU Mexico Aguascalientes, Mexico – Lic. Jesus Teran Peredo Intl.
AJS Mexico Punta Abreojos, Mexico – Punta Abreojos Airstrip
AZG Mexico Apatzingán, Mexico – Pablo L. Sidar
AZP Mexico Ciudad López Mateos, Mexico – Jorge Jiménez Cantú Ntnl
BHL Mexico Bahía de los Ángeles, Mexico – Bahía de los Ángeles
BJX Mexico León, Mexico – Del Bajio Intl.
CEN Mexico Ciudad Obregón, Mexico – Ciudad Obregon Intl.
CJS Mexico Ciudad Juárez, Mexico – Abraham Gonzalez Intl.
CJT Mexico Comitán, Mexico – Copalar
CLQ Mexico Colima City, Mexico – Colima
CME Mexico Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico – Ciudad del Carmen Intl.
CNA Mexico Cananea, Mexico – Cananea Ntnl
CPE Mexico Campeche, Mexico – Ing. Alberto Acuna Ongay Intl.
CTM Mexico Chetumal, Mexico – Chetumal Intl.
CUA Mexico Ciudad Constitución, Mexico – Ciudad Constitución
CUL Mexico Culiacán, Mexico – Federal de Bachigualato Intl.
CUN Mexico Cancún, Mexico – Cancun Intl.
CUU Mexico Chihuahua, Mexico – General Roberto Fierro Villalobos Intl.
CVJ Mexico Cuernavaca, Mexico – General Mariano Matamoros
CVM Mexico Ciudad Victoria, Mexico – General Pedro J. Mendez Intl.
CYW Mexico Celaya, Mexico – Captain Rogelio Castillo Ntnl
CZA Mexico Chichen Itza, Mexico – Chichen Itza Intl
CZM Mexico Cozumel, Mexico – Cozumel Intl.
DGO Mexico Durango, Mexico – Durango Intl.
ESE Mexico Ensenada, Mexico – Ensenada
GDL Mexico Guadalajara, Mexico – Guadalajara Intl.
GUB Mexico Guerrero Negro, Mexico – Guerrero Negro
GYM Mexico Guaymas, Mexico – General Jose Maria Yanez Intl.
HMO Mexico Hermosillo, Mexico – General Ignacio Pesqueira Garcia Intl.
HUX Mexico Huatulco, Mexico – Bahias de Huatulco Intl.
ISJ Mexico Isl Mujeres, Mexico – Isl Mujeres
IZT Mexico Ixtepec, Mexico – Ixtepec
JAL Mexico Xalapa, Mexico – El Lencero
LAP Mexico La Paz, Mexico – Manuel Marquez de Leon Intl.
LMM Mexico Los Mochis, Mexico – Los Mochis Intl.
LOM Mexico Lagos De Moreno, Mexico – Francisco Primo de Verdad Ntnl
LOV Mexico Monclova, Mexico – Venustiano Carranza Intl
LTO Mexico Loreto, Mexico – Loreto Intl.
LZC Mexico Lázaro Cárdenas, Mexico – Lazaro Cardenas
MAM Mexico Matamoros, Mexico – General Servando Canales Intl.
MEX Mexico Mexico City, Mexico – Benito Juarez Intl.
MID Mexico Mérida, Mexico – Manuel Crescencio Rejon Intl.
MLM Mexico Morelia, Mexico – General Francisco J. Mujica Intl.
MMC Mexico Ciudad Mante, Mexico – Ciudad Mante Ntnl
MTT Mexico Minatitlán, Mexico – Minatitlan/Coatzacoalcos Intl.
MTY Mexico Monterrey, Mexico – General Mariano Escobedo Intl.
MUG Mexico Mulegé, Mexico – Mulegé Airstrip
MXL Mexico Mexicali, Mexico – General Rodolfo Sanchez Taboada Intl.
MZT Mexico Mazatlán, Mexico – General Rafael Buelna Intl.
NCG Mexico Nuevo Casas Grandes, Mexico – Nuevo Casas Grandes Munl
NLD Mexico Nuevo Laredo, Mexico – Quetzalcoatl Intl.
NLU Mexico Zumpango, Mexico – Santa Lucía AFBase Num 1
NOG Mexico Nogales, Mexico – Nogales Intl
NTR Mexico Monterrey, Mexico – Del Norte Intl
OAX Mexico Oaxaca de Juárez, Mexico – Oaxaca – Xoxocotlan Intl.
PAZ Mexico Poza Rica, Mexico – El Tajin National
PBC Mexico Puebla City, Mexico – Hermanos Serdan Intl.
PCM Mexico Playa del Carmen, Mexico – Playa del Carmen
PCO Mexico La Ribera, Mexico – Punta Colorada Airstrip
PCV Mexico Punta Chivato, Mexico – Punta Chivato Airstrip
PDS Mexico Piedras Negras, Mexico – Piedras Negras Intl
PPE Mexico Puerto Peñasco, Mexico – Mar de Cortes Intl.
PQM Mexico Palenque, Mexico – Palenque Intl
PVR Mexico Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – Licenciado Gustavo Diaz Ordaz Intl.
PXM Mexico Puerto Escondido, Mexico – Puerto Escondido Intl.
QRO Mexico Querétaro City, Mexico – Queretaro Intercontinental
REX Mexico Reynosa, Mexico – General Lucio Blanco Intl.
SCX Mexico Salina Cruz, Mexico – Salina Cruz
SFH Mexico San Felipe, Mexico – San Felipe Intl
SGM Mexico San Ignacio, Mexico – San Ignacio Airfield
SJD Mexico San José del Cabo, Mexico – Los Cabos Intl.
SLP Mexico San Luis Potosí City, Mexico – Ponciano Arriaga Intl.
SLW Mexico Saltillo, Mexico – Plan de Guadalupe Intl.
SNQ Mexico San Quintín, Mexico – San Quintín Military Airstrip
SRL Mexico Santa Rosalía, Mexico – Palo Verde
TAM Mexico Tampico, Mexico – General Francisco Javier Mina Intl.
TAP Mexico Tapachula, Mexico – Tapachula Intl.
TCN Mexico Tehuacán, Mexico – Tehuacán
TGZ Mexico Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Mexico – Angel Albino Corzo Intl.
TIJ Mexico Tijuana, Mexico – General Abelardo L. Rodriguez Intl.
TLC Mexico Toluca, Mexico – Licenciado Adolfo Lopez Mateos Intl.
TPQ Mexico Tepic, Mexico – Amado Nervo Intl.
TRC Mexico Torreón, Mexico – Francisco Sarabia Intl.
TSL Mexico Tamuín, Mexico – Tamuin
TUY Mexico Tulum, Mexico – Tulum
TZM Mexico Tizimín, Mexico – Cupul Ntnl
UPN Mexico Uruapan, Mexico – Lic. y Gen. Ignacio Lopez Rayon Intl.
VER Mexico Veracruz, Mexico – General Heriberto Jara Intl.
VSA Mexico Villahermosa, Mexico – Carlos Rovirosa Perez Intl.
XAL Mexico Álamos, Mexico – Álamos
ZCL Mexico Zacatecas, Mexico – General Leobardo C. Ruiz Intl.
ZIH Mexico Zihuatanejo, Mexico – Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo Intl.
ZLO Mexico Manzanillo, Mexico – Playa de Oro Intl.
ZMM Mexico Zamora, Mexico – Zamora

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