Airports in Kiribati

There are 18 airports in Kiribati with scheduled flights. The biggest airport in Kiribati is Cassidy International Airport with flights to 2 destinations in 2 airlines.

Cassidy International Airport and Bonriki International Airport are the two airlines operating, with flights to 2 and 3 destinations each, respectively.

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All Kiribati airports:

Code Country Airport Name
AAK Kiribati Aranuka, Kiribati – Aranuka
ABF Kiribati Abaiang, Kiribati – Abaiang Atoll
AEA Kiribati Abemama Atoll, Kiribati – Abemama Atoll
AIS Kiribati Arorae Isl, Kiribati – Arorae Isl
BBG Kiribati Butaritari Atoll, Kiribati – Butaritari Atoll
BEZ Kiribati Beru Isl, Kiribati – Beru Isl
CIS Kiribati Canton Isl, Kiribati – Canton Isl
CXI Kiribati Christmas Isl, Kiribati – Cassidy Intl
KUC Kiribati Kuria, Kiribati – Kuria
MNK Kiribati Maiana, Kiribati – Maiana
MTK Kiribati Makin/Butaritari, Kiribati – Makin
MZK Kiribati Marakei, Kiribati – Marakei
NIG Kiribati Nikunau, Kiribati – Nikunau
NON Kiribati Nonouti, Kiribati – Nonouti
OOT Kiribati Onotoa, Kiribati – Onotoa
TBF Kiribati Tabiteuea North, Kiribati – Tabiteuea North
TNQ Kiribati Teraina, Kiribati – Teraina
TRW Kiribati Tarawa, Kiribati – Bonriki Intl.