Airports in Kenya

Kenya has a total of 36 airports with scheduled flights. In Kenya the largest airport is Jomo Kenyatta International Airport with flights to 64 destinations in 39 airlines.

Kenya (Kenya Airways) is the main airline with 43 years of experience and flights to 59 destinations all around the world, was named the Africa Leading Airline 2019 by the World Travel Awards

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All Kenya airports:

Code Country Airport Name
ASV Kenya Amboseli, Kenya – Amboseli
BMQ Kenya Bamburi, Kenya – Bamburi
EDL Kenya Eldoret, Kenya – Eldoret Intl.
EYS Kenya Eliye Springs, Kenya – Eliye Springs
GAS Kenya Garissa, Kenya – Garissa
GGM Kenya Kakamega, Kenya – Kakamega
HOA Kenya Hola, Kenya – Hola
ILU Kenya Kilaguni, Kenya – Kilaguni
JJM Kenya Meru, Kenya – Mulika Lodge
KEY Kenya Kericho, Kenya – Kericho
KIS Kenya Kisumu, Kenya – Kisumu
KIU Kenya Kiunga, Kenya – Kiunga
KLK Kenya Kalokol, Kenya – Kalokol (Fergusons Gulf)
KRV Kenya Kimwarer, Kenya – Kimwarer (Kerio Valley)
KTL Kenya Kitale, Kenya – Kitale
KWY Kenya Kiwayu, Kenya – Kiwayu
LAU Kenya Lamu, Kenya – Manda
LBK Kenya Liboi, Kenya – Liboi
LBN Kenya Lake Baringo, Kenya – Lake Baringo
LKG Kenya Lokichogio, Kenya – Lokichoggio
LKU Kenya Lake Turkana, Kenya – Lake Turkana
LOK Kenya Lodwar, Kenya – Lodwar
LOY Kenya Loiyangalani, Kenya – Loiyangalani
MBA Kenya Mombasa, Kenya – Mombasa
MRE Kenya Maasai Mara, Kenya – Mara Serena
MYD Kenya Malindi, Kenya – Malindi
NBO Kenya Nairobi, Kenya – Jomo Kenyatta Intl.
NDE Kenya Mandera, Kenya – Mandera
NUU Kenya Nakuru, Kenya – Nakuru
NYE Kenya Nyeri, Kenya – Nyeri
NYK Kenya Nanyuki, Kenya – Nanyuki
OYL Kenya Moyale, Kenya – Moyale
RBT Kenya Marsabit, Kenya – Marsabit
UAS Kenya Samburu, Kenya – Samburu South
UKA Kenya Ukunda, Kenya – Ukunda Airstrip
WIL Kenya Nairobi, Kenya – Nairobi / Wilson

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