Airports in Japan

There are 97 airports in Japan with scheduled flights. In Japan the largest airport is Narita International Airport with flights to 103 destinations in 66 airlines.

Where All Nippon (All Nippon Airways), Japanair (Japan Airlines) and J-bird (Japan Airlines Domestic), are the three biggest airlines with flights to more than 100 destinations each.

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List of Japan airports:

Code Country Airport Name
AGJ Japan Aguni, Japan – Aguni
AKJ Japan Asahikawa, Japan – Asahikawa
AOJ Japan Aomori, Japan – Aomori
ASJ Japan Amami, Japan – Amami
AXJ Japan Amakusa, Japan – Amakusa Airfield
AXT Japan Akita, Japan – Akita
CTS Japan Sapporo, Japan – New Chitose
DNA Japan Kadena, Japan – Kadena ABase
FKJ Japan Fukui, Japan – Fukui
FKS Japan Sukagawa, Japan – Fukushima
FSZ Japan Shizuoka, Japan – Shizuoka (Mt. Fuji Shizuoka)
FUJ Japan Gotō, Japan – Fukue
FUK Japan Fukuoka, Japan – Fukuoka
GAJ Japan Yamagata, Japan – Yamagata
HAC Japan Hachijō-jima, Japan – Hachijojima
HHE Japan Hachinohe, Japan – JMSDF Hachinohe ABase
HIJ Japan Hiroshima, Japan – Hiroshima
HIW Japan Hiroshima, Japan – Hiroshima–Nishi
HKD Japan Hakodate, Japan – Hakodate
HNA Japan Hanamaki, Japan – Morioka Hanamaki
HND Japan Tokyo Haneda, Japan – Tokyo Intl.
HSG Japan Saga, Japan – Saga
HTR Japan Hateruma, Japan – Hateruma
IBR Japan Omitama, Japan – Ibaraki
IEJ Japan Iejima, Japan – Iejima
IKI Japan Iki, Japan – Iki
ISG Japan Ishigaki, Japan – New Ishigaki
ITM Japan Osaka, Japan – Osaka Intl.
IWJ Japan Masuda, Japan – Iwami
IWK Japan Iwakuni, Japan – Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni
IWO Japan Iwo Jima, Japan – Iwo Jima ABase
IZO Japan Izumo, Japan – Izumo
KCZ Japan Kōchi, Japan – Kochi
KIJ Japan Niigata, Japan – Niigata
KIX Japan Osaka, Japan – Kansai Intl.
KJP Japan Kerama, Japan – Kerama
KKJ Japan Kitakyushu, Japan – Kitakyushu
KKX Japan Kikai, Japan – Kikai (Kikaiga Shima)
KMI Japan Miyazaki, Japan – Miyazaki
KMJ Japan Mashiki, Japan – Kumamoto
KMQ Japan Komatsu, Japan – Komatsu
KOJ Japan Kagoshima, Japan – Kagoshima
KTD Japan Kitadaito, Japan – Kitadaito
KUH Japan Kushiro, Japan – Kushiro
KUM Japan Yakushima, Japan – Yakushima
MBE Japan Monbetsu, Japan – Mombetsu
MMB Japan Ōzora, Japan – Memambetsu
MMD Japan Minamidaitō, Japan – Minami-Daito
MMJ Japan Matsumoto, Japan – Matsumoto
MMY Japan Miyakojima, Japan – Miyako
MSJ Japan Misawa, Japan – Misawa Air Base
MUS Japan Minami-Tori-shima, Japan – Minami Torishima
MYE Japan Miyake-jima, Japan – Miyakejima
MYJ Japan Matsuyama, Japan – Matsuyama
NGO Japan Nagoya, Japan – Chūbu Centrair Intl
NGS Japan Nagasaki, Japan – Nagasaki
NJA Japan Atsugi, Japan – Naval Air Facility Atsugi
NKM Japan Nagoya, Japan – Nagoya Airfield (Komaki)
NRT Japan Tokyo, Japan – Narita Intl.
NTQ Japan Wajima, Japan – Noto
OBO Japan Obihiro, Japan – Tokachi-Obihiro
OGN Japan Yonaguni, Japan – Yonaguni
OIM Japan Ōshima, Japan – Oshima
OIR Japan Okushiri, Japan – Okushiri
OIT Japan Oita, Japan – Oita
OKA Japan Okinawa, Japan – Naha
OKD Japan Sapporo, Japan – Okadama
OKE Japan Okinoerabujima, Japan – Okinoerabu
OKI Japan Okinoshima, Japan – Oki
OKJ Japan Okayama, Japan – Okayama
OKO Japan Fussa, Japan – Yokota ABase
OMJ Japan Ōmura, Japan – Ōmura
ONJ Japan Ōdate/Noshiro, Japan – Odate-Noshiro
OSA Japan Osaka, Japan – All airports
RBJ Japan Rebun, Japan – Rebun
RIS Japan Rishiri, Japan – Rishiri
RNJ Japan Yoronjima, Japan – Yoron
SDJ Japan Sendai, Japan – Sendai
SDS Japan Sado, Japan – Sado
SHB Japan Nakashibetsu, Japan – Nakashibetsu
SHI Japan Shimojishima, Japan – Shimojishima
SHM Japan Shirahama, Japan – Nankishirahama
SPK Japan Sapporo, Japan – All airports
SYO Japan Shōnai, Japan – Shonai
TAK Japan Takamatsu, Japan – Takamatsu
TJH Japan Toyooka, Japan – Tajima
TKN Japan Tokunoshima, Japan – Tokunoshima
TKS Japan Tokushima, Japan – Tokushima
TOY Japan Toyama, Japan – Toyama
TSJ Japan Tsushima, Japan – Tsushima
TTJ Japan Tottori, Japan – Tottori
TYO Japan Tokyo, Japan – All airports
UBJ Japan Ube, Japan – Yamaguchi Ube
UEO Japan Kumejima, Japan – Kumejima
UKB Japan Kobe, Japan – Kobe
WKJ Japan Wakkanai, Japan – Wakkanai
YGJ Japan Yonago, Japan – Miho-Yonago

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