Airports in Iraq

There are 10 airports in Iraq with scheduled flights. In Iraq the largest airport is Erbil International Airport with flights to 20 destinations in 20 airlines.

Iraqi Airways is the airline with more flight destinations, offering excellent cargo services that clients currently request, for example cargo live animals or contract and tracing luggage.

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Specific flight routes are available and you can also find other airports nearby to better find ways to prepare your trip.

List of Iraq airports:

Code Country Airport Name
BGW Iraq Baghdad, Iraq – Baghdad Intl
BMN Iraq Bamarni, Iraq – Bamarni
BSR Iraq Basra, Iraq – Basra Intl
EBL Iraq Erbil, Iraq – Erbil Intl.
IQA Iraq Anbar Province, Iraq – Al Asad Airbase
ISU Iraq Sulaymaniyah, Iraq – Sulaymaniyah Intl.
KIK Iraq Kirkuk, Iraq – Kirkuk
NJF Iraq Al Najaf, Iraq – Al Najaf Intl.
OSM Iraq Mosul, Iraq – Mosul Intl
RQW Iraq Qayyarah, Iraq – Qayyarah Airfield West