Airports in Iran

Iran has a total of 73 airports with scheduled flights. The biggest airport in Iran is Imam Khomeini International Airport with flights to 43 destinations in 21 airlines.

And the two biggest airlines operating are Iranair (Iran Air) along with  Iran Aseman Airlines, both with flights to 52 destinations and outstanding punctuality.

At the list below you will find all information related to the airports in Iran like flight routes and scheduled arrivals and departures on that airport.

Specific flight routes are available and you can also find other airports nearby to better find ways to travel.

All Iran airports:

Code Country Airport Name
ABD Iran Abadan, Iran – Abadan Intl.
ACP Iran Maragheh, Iran – Sahand
ACZ Iran Zabol, Iran – Zabol
ADU Iran Ardabil, Iran – Ardabil
AEU Iran Abu Musa Isl, Iran – Abu Musa
AFZ Iran Sabzevar, Iran – Sabzevar
AJK Iran Arak, Iran – Arak
AKW Iran Aghajari, Iran – Aghajari
AWZ Iran Ahvaz, Iran – Ahwaz Intl.
AZD Iran Yazd, Iran – Yazd
BBL Iran Babolsar, Iran – Babolsar
BDH Iran Bandar Lengeh, Iran – Bandar Lengeh
BJB Iran Bojnord, Iran – Bojnourd
BND Iran Bandar Abbas, Iran – Bandar Abbas Intl.
BSM Iran Amol, Iran – Bishe Kola ABase
BUZ Iran Bushehr, Iran – Bushehr Civ / Afb
BXR Iran Bam, Iran – Bam
CKT Iran Sarakhs, Iran – Sarakhs
CQD Iran Shahrekord, Iran – Shahrekord
DEF Iran Dezful, Iran – Dezful
FAZ Iran Fasa, Iran – Fasa
GBT Iran Gorgan, Iran – Forudgah-e Gorgan
GCH Iran Gachsaran, Iran – Gachsaran
GSM Iran Qeshm, Iran – Dayrestan
GZW Iran Qazvin, Iran – Qazvin
HDM Iran Hamadan, Iran – Hamadan
HDR Iran Bandar Abbas, Iran – Havadarya
IAQ Iran Bahregan, Iran – Bahregan
IFH Iran Shahin Shahr, Iran – Hesa ABase
IFN Iran Isfahan, Iran – Isfahan Intl.
IHR Iran Iranshahr, Iran – Iranshahr
IIL Iran Ilam, Iran – Ilam
IKA Iran Tehran, Iran – Tehran Imam Khomeini Intl.
JAR Iran Jahrom, Iran – Jahrom
JWN Iran Zanjan, Iran – Zanjan
JYR Iran Jiroft, Iran – Jiroft
KER Iran Kerman, Iran – Kerman Intl.
KHA Iran Piranshahr, Iran – Kohneh Khaneh
KHD Iran Khorramabad, Iran – Khorramabad
KHK Iran Kharg Isl, Iran – Kharg
KHY Iran Khoy, Iran – Khoy
KIH Iran Kish Isl, Iran – Kish Island Intl.
KLM Iran Kalaleh, Iran – Kalaleh
KNR Iran Kangan, Iran – Jam
KSH Iran Kermanshah, Iran – Shahid Ashrafi Esfahani
LFM Iran Lamerd, Iran – Forudgah-e Lamerd
LRR Iran Lar, Iran – Lar
LVP Iran Lavan Isl, Iran – Lavan
MHD Iran Mashhad, Iran – Mashhad Intl.
MRX Iran Bandar-e Mahshahr, Iran – Mahshahr
NSH Iran Nowshahr, Iran – Noshahr
NUJ Iran Hamadan, Iran – Hamedan ABase (Nogeh)
OMH Iran Urūmiyeh, Iran – Orumieh
OMI Iran Omidiyeh, Iran – Omidiyeh ABase
PFQ Iran Parsabad, Iran – Parsabad-Moghan
PGU Iran Asaluyeh, Iran – Persian Gulf
PYK Iran Karaj, Iran – Payam Intl
RAS Iran Rasht, Iran – Rasht
RJN Iran Rafsanjan, Iran – Rafsanjan
RUD Iran Shahrud, Iran – Shahroud
RZR Iran Ramsar, Iran – Ramsar
SDG Iran Sanandaj, Iran – Sanandaj
SRY Iran Sari, Iran – Dasht-e Naz
SXI Iran Sirri Isl, Iran – Sirri Isl
SYJ Iran Sirjan, Iran – Sirjan
SYZ Iran Shiraz, Iran – Shiraz Intl.
TBZ Iran Tabriz, Iran – Tabriz Intl.
TCX Iran Tabas, Iran – Tabas
THR Iran Tehran, Iran – Mehrabad Intl
XBJ Iran Birjand, Iran – Birjand Intl.
YES Iran Yasouj, Iran – Yasuj
ZAH Iran Zahedan, Iran – Zahedan Intl.
ZBR Iran Chabahar, Iran – Konarak Intl.

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