Airports in Guyana

There are 29 airports in Guyana with scheduled flights. The biggest airport in Guyana is Cheddi Jagan International Airport with flights to 7 destinations in 4 airlines.

Click an airport from the list below to get all relevant information like flight routes and scheduled arrivals and departures on that airport.

Specific flight routes are available and you can also find other airports nearby in case you prefer flights from close cities.

All Guyana airports:

Code Country Airport Name
AHL Guyana Aishalton, Guyana – Aishalton Airstrip
BCG Guyana Kumaka, Guyana – Bemichi
BMJ Guyana Baramita, Guyana – Baramita
EKE Guyana Ekereku, Guyana – Ekereku
GEO Guyana Georgetown, Guyana – Cheddi Jagan Intl.
GFO Guyana Bartica, Guyana – Bartica
IMB Guyana Imbaimadai, Guyana – Imbaimadai
KAI Guyana Kaieteur, Guyana – Kaieteur Intl
KAR Guyana Kamarang, Guyana – Kamarang
KKG Guyana Konawaruk, Guyana – Konawaruk
KPG Guyana Kurupung, Guyana – Kurupung
KRG Guyana Karasabai, Guyana – Karasabai
KRM Guyana Karanambo, Guyana – Karanambo
KTO Guyana Kato, Guyana – Kato
LTM Guyana Lethem, Guyana – Lethem
LUB Guyana Lumid Pau, Guyana – Lumid Pau
MHA Guyana Mahdia, Guyana – Mahdia
MWJ Guyana Matthew’s Ridge, Guyana – Matthews Ridge
MYM Guyana Monkey Mountain, Guyana – Monkey Mountain
NAI Guyana Annai, Guyana – Annai
OGL Guyana Georgetown, Guyana – Eugene F. Correira Intl.
ORJ Guyana Orinduik, Guyana – Orinduik
PIQ Guyana Pipillipai, Guyana – Pipillipai
PKM Guyana Port Kaituma, Guyana – Port Kaituma Airstrip
PMT Guyana Paramakatoi, Guyana – Paramakatoi Airstrip
PRR Guyana Paruima, Guyana – Paruima
SDC Guyana Sand Creek Village, Guyana – Sand Creek
SKM Guyana Skeldon, Guyana – Skeldon
USI Guyana Mabaruma, Guyana – Mabaruma

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