Airports in Gabon

Gabon has a total of 40 airports with scheduled flights. The biggest airport in Gabon is Libreville Leon M’ba International Airport with flights to 16 destinations in 11 arilines.

Gabon Airlines is the biggest airline, founded in 2007 and operating since then, with flights to 2 destinations.

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All Gabon airports:

Code Country Airport Name
AKE Gabon Akiéni, Gabon – Akieni
AWE Gabon Alowe, Gabon – Alowe
BAW Gabon Biawonque, Gabon – Biawonque
BGB Gabon Booué, Gabon – Booué
BGP Gabon Bongo, Gabon – Bongo
BMM Gabon Bitam, Gabon – Bitam
FOU Gabon Fougamou, Gabon – Fougamou
GAX Gabon Gamba, Gabon – Gamba
GIM Gabon Miele Mimbale, Gabon – Miele Mimbale
GKO Gabon Kongo Boumba, Gabon – Kongo Boumba
IGE Gabon Iguela, Gabon – Tchongorove
KDJ Gabon Ndjolé, Gabon – Ndjolé Ville
KDN Gabon Ndendé, Gabon – Ndendé
KOU Gabon Koulamoutou, Gabon – Koulamoutou
LBQ Gabon Lambaréné, Gabon – Lambaréné
LBV Gabon Libreville, Gabon – Libreville
LEO Gabon Lékoni, Gabon – Lékoni
LTL Gabon Lastoursville, Gabon – Lastourville
MBC Gabon Mbigou, Gabon – Mbigou
MDV Gabon Médouneu, Gabon – Médouneu
MFF Gabon Moanda, Gabon – Moanda
MGO Gabon Manega, Gabon – Manega
MGX Gabon Moabi, Gabon – Moabi
MJL Gabon Mouila, Gabon – Mouila
MKB Gabon Mékambo, Gabon – Mékambo
MKU Gabon Makokou, Gabon – Makokou
MVB Gabon Franceville, Gabon – Franceville / Mvengue
MVG Gabon Mevang, Gabon – Mevang
MVX Gabon Minvoul, Gabon – Minvoul
MYB Gabon Mayumba, Gabon – Mayumba
MZC Gabon Mitzic, Gabon – Mitzic
NKA Gabon Ntoum/Nkan, Gabon – Nkan
OKN Gabon Okondja, Gabon – Okondja
OMB Gabon Omboué, Gabon – Omboué Hospital
OUU Gabon Ouanga, Gabon – Ouanga
OWE Gabon Owendo, Gabon – Owendo
OYE Gabon Oyem, Gabon – Oyem
POG Gabon Port-Gentil, Gabon – Port-Gentil
TCH Gabon Tchibanga, Gabon – Tchibanga
ZKM Gabon Sette Cama, Gabon – Sette Cama

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