Airports in Ethiopia

Ethiopia has a total of 49 airports with scheduled flights. The biggest airport in Ethiopia is Addis Ababa Bole International Airport with flights to 67 destinations in 24 airlines.

Where the biggest airline is Ethiopian (Ethiopian Airlines) with flights to 120 different destinations around the world, and special offers during the year.

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All Ethiopia airports:

Code Country Airport Name
ABK Ethiopia Kebri Dahar, Ethiopia – Kabri Dar
ADD Ethiopia Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – Addis Ababa Bole Intl.
ALK Ethiopia Asella, Ethiopia – Asella
AMH Ethiopia Arba Minch, Ethiopia – Arba Minch
ASO Ethiopia Asosa, Ethiopia – Assosa / Asosa
AWA Ethiopia Awasa, Ethiopia – Awasa
AXU Ethiopia Axum, Ethiopia – Axum
BCO Ethiopia Jinka, Ethiopia – Baco (Jinka)
BCY Ethiopia Bulchi, Ethiopia – Bulchi
BEI Ethiopia Beica, Ethiopia – Beica
BJR Ethiopia Bahir Dar, Ethiopia – Bahir Dar
DBM Ethiopia Debre Marqos, Ethiopia – Debre Marqos
DBT Ethiopia Debre Tabor, Ethiopia – Debre Tabor
DEM Ethiopia Dembidolo, Ethiopia – Dembidolo
DGC Ethiopia Degeh Bur, Ethiopia – Degeh Bur
DIR Ethiopia Dire Dawa, Ethiopia – Aba Tenna Dejazmach Yilma Intl.
DSE Ethiopia Dessie/Kombolcha, Ethiopia – Combolcha
EGL Ethiopia Neghelle, Ethiopia – Neghelle
ETE Ethiopia Metemma, Ethiopia – Genda Wuha
FNH Ethiopia Fincha, Ethiopia – Fincha
GDE Ethiopia Gode, Ethiopia – Gode
GDQ Ethiopia Gondar, Ethiopia – Gondar
GLC Ethiopia Geladi, Ethiopia – Geladi
GMB Ethiopia Gambela, Ethiopia – Gambella
GNN Ethiopia Ginir, Ethiopia – Ginir
GOB Ethiopia Goba, Ethiopia – Robe
GOR Ethiopia Gore, Ethiopia – Gore
HIL Ethiopia Shilavo, Ethiopia – Shilavo
HUE Ethiopia Humera, Ethiopia – Humera
JIJ Ethiopia Jijiga, Ethiopia – Jijiga Wilwal Intl.
JIM Ethiopia Jimma, Ethiopia – Jimma
LFO Ethiopia Kelafo, Ethiopia – Kelafo
LLI Ethiopia Lalibela, Ethiopia – Lalibela
MKS Ethiopia Mekane Selam, Ethiopia – Mekane Selam
MQX Ethiopia Mek’ele, Ethiopia – Alula Aba Nega
MTF Ethiopia Mizan Teferi, Ethiopia – Mizan Teferi
MUJ Ethiopia Mui, Ethiopia – Mui
MZX Ethiopia Mena, Ethiopia – Mena
NDM Ethiopia Mendi, Ethiopia – Mendi
NEJ Ethiopia Nejo, Ethiopia – Nejjo
NEK Ethiopia Nekemte, Ethiopia – Nekemte
OTA Ethiopia Mota, Ethiopia – Mota
PWI Ethiopia Pawi, Ethiopia – Beles
SHC Ethiopia Shire, Ethiopia – Shire Inda Selassie
SKR Ethiopia Shakiso, Ethiopia – Shakiso
SXU Ethiopia Sodo, Ethiopia – Soddu
SZE Ethiopia Semera, Ethiopia – Semera
TIE Ethiopia Teppi, Ethiopia – Tippi
XBL Ethiopia Bedele, Ethiopia – Bedele

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