Airports in Congo

There are 76 airports in Congo with scheduled flights. In Congo the largest airport is Ndjili International Airport  with flights to 16 destinations in 13 airlines operating.

Where the biggest airline is Africompany (Compagnie Africaine d’Aviation) and flights to 3 destinations, and a few more during some seasons of the year.

At the list below you will find all information related to the airports in Congo like flight routes and scheduled arrivals and departures on that airport.

Specific flight routes are available and you can also find other airports nearby in case you prefer flights from close cities.

All Congo airports:

Code Country Airport Name
ANJ Congo Zanaga, Congo – Zanaga
BAN Congo Basongo, Congo – Basongo
BDT Congo Gbadolite, Congo – Gbadolite
BDV Congo Moba, Congo – Moba
BKY Congo Bukavu, Congo – Kavumu
BMB Congo Bumba, Congo – Bumba
BNB Congo Boende, Congo – Boende
BNC Congo Beni, Congo – Beni
BOA Congo Boma, Congo – Boma
BOE Congo Boundji, Congo – Boundji
BSU Congo Basankusu, Congo – Basankusu
BTB Congo Bétou, Congo – Bétou
BZU Congo Buta, Congo – Buta Zega
DIS Congo Dolisie, Congo – Dolisie
DJM Congo Djambala, Congo – Djambala
EPN Congo Epéna, Congo – Epéna
EWO Congo Ewo, Congo – Ewo
FDU Congo Bandundu, Congo – Bandundu
FMI Congo Kalemie, Congo – Kalemie
FTX Congo Owando, Congo – Owando
GDJ Congo Gandajika, Congo – Gandajika
GMM Congo Gamboma, Congo – Gamboma
IDF Congo Idiofa, Congo – Idiofa
IKL Congo Ikela, Congo – Ikela
INO Congo Inongo, Congo – Inongo
IRP Congo Isiro, Congo – Matari
KAP Congo Kapanga, Congo – Kapanga
KBN Congo Kabinda, Congo – Tunta
KBO Congo Kabalo, Congo – Kabalo
KEC Congo Kasenga, Congo – Kasenga
KEE Congo Kellé, Congo – Kelle
KGN Congo Kasongo Lunda, Congo – Kasongo Lunda
KIL Congo Kilwa, Congo – Kilwa
KKW Congo Kikwit, Congo – Kikwit
KLI Congo Kotakoli, Congo – Kotakoli ABase
KLY Congo Kalima, Congo – Kamisuku
KMK Congo Makabana, Congo – Makabana
KMN Congo Kamina, Congo – Kamina (Kamina Ville)
KNJ Congo Kindamba, Congo – Kindamba
KNM Congo Kaniama, Congo – Kaniama
KOO Congo Kongolo, Congo – Kongolo
KRZ Congo Kiri, Congo – Basango Mboliasa
LBO Congo Lusambo, Congo – Lusambo
LCO Congo Lague, Congo – Lague
LIE Congo Libenge, Congo – Libenge
LIQ Congo Lisala, Congo – Lisala
LJA Congo Lodja, Congo – Lodja
LKC Congo Lekana, Congo – Lekana
LUS Congo Lusanga, Congo – Lusanga
LZA Congo Luiza, Congo – Luiza
LZI Congo Luozi, Congo – Luozi
MAT Congo Matadi, Congo – Matadi Tshimpi
MEW Congo Mweka, Congo – Mweka
MKJ Congo Makoua, Congo – Makoua
MNB Congo Moanda, Congo – Muanda (Moanda)
MNO Congo Manono, Congo – Manono
MSM Congo Masi-Manimba, Congo – Masi-Manimba
MSX Congo Mossendjo, Congo – Mossendjo
MUY Congo Mouyondzi, Congo – Mouyondzi
NIO Congo Nioki, Congo – Nioki
NKL Congo Kolo Fuma, Congo – Nkolo-Fuma
NKY Congo N’kayi, Congo – Yokangassi
NLO Congo Kinshasa, Congo – N’Dolo
OKG Congo Okoyo, Congo – Okoyo
OLL Congo Oyo, Congo – Oyo Ollombo
PFR Congo Ilebo, Congo – Ilebo
PUN Congo Punia, Congo – Punia
PWO Congo Pweto, Congo – Pweto
RUE Congo Butembo, Congo – Butembo
SIB Congo Sibiti, Congo – Sibiti
SOE Congo Souanké, Congo – Souanké
YAN Congo Yangambi, Congo – Yangambi
BZV Congo Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo – Maya-Maya
ION Congo Impfondo, Republic of the Congo – Impfondo
OUE Congo Ouésso, Republic of the Congo – Ouesso
PNR Congo Pointe-Noire, Republic of the Congo – Pointe Noire