Airports in China

There are 239 airports in China with scheduled flights. The biggest airport in China is Beijing Capital International Airport with flights to 206 destinations and 81 airlines.

And the biggest airline is China Eastern (China Eastern Airlines) with flights to 222 different destinations all around the world, and a wide selection of food prepared by top chefs.

At the list below you will find all information related to the airports in China like flight routes and scheduled arrivals and departures on that airport.

Specific flight routes are available and you can also find other airports nearby to better find ways to travel.

All China airports:

Code Country Airport Name
AAT China Altay, China – Altay
ACX China Xingyi, China – Xingyi
AEB China Baise, China – Baise Bama
AHJ China Hongyuan, China – Hongyuan
AKA China Ankang, China – Ankang
AKU China Aksu, China – Aksu
AOG China Anshan, China – Anshan Teng’ao
AQG China Anqing, China – Anqing Tianzhushan
AVA China Anshun, China – Anshun Huangguoshu
AXF China Alxa Left Banner, China – Alxa Left Banner Bayanhot
AYN China Anyang, China – Anyang
BAR China Qionghai, China – Qionghai Bo’ao
BAV China Baotou, China – Baotou Erliban
BFJ China Bijie, China – Bijie Feixiong
BFU China Bengbu, China – Bengbu
BHY China Beihai, China – Beihai Fucheng
BJS China Beijing, China – All airports
BPE China Qinhuangdao, China – Qinhuangdao Beidaihe
BPL China Bole, China – Bole Alashankou
BPX China Qamdo, China – Qamdo Bangda
BSD China Baoshan, China – Baoshan Yunduan
CAN China Guangzhou, China – Guangzhou Baiyun Intl.
CGD China Changde, China – Changde
CGO China Zhengzhou, China – Zhengzhou Xinzheng Intl.
CGQ China Changchun, China – Changchun Longjia Intl.
CHG China Chaoyang, China – Chaoyang
CIF China Chifeng, China – Chifeng Yulong
CIH China Changzhi, China – Changzhi Wangcun
CKG China Chongqing, China – Chongqing Jiangbei Intl.
CNI China Changhai, China – Changhai
CSX China Changsha, China – Changsha Huanghua Intl.
CTU China Chengdu, China – Chengdu Shuangliu Intl.
CZX China Changzhou, China – Changzhou Benniu
DAT China Datong, China – Datong Beijiazao
DAX China Dazhou, China – Dazhou Heshi
DBC China Baicheng, China – Baicheng Chang’an
DCY China Daocheng, China – Daocheng Yading
DDG China Dandong, China – Dandong Langtou
DIG China Shangri-La, China – Diqing Shangri-La
DLC China Dalian, China – Dalian Zhoushuizi Intl.
DLU China Dali, China – Dali
DNH China Dunhuang, China – Dunhuang
DOY China Dongying, China – Dongying Shengli
DQA China Daqing, China – Daqing Sartu
DSN China Ordos, China – Ordos Ejin Horo
DYG China Dayong, China – Dayong
DZU China Dazu, China – Dazu ABase
EJN China Ejin Banner, China – Ejin Banner Taolai
ENH China Enshi, China – Enshi Xujiaping
ENY China Yan’an, China – Yan’an Ershilipu
ERL China Erenhot, China – Erenhot Saiwusu Intl
FOC China Fuzhou, China – Fuzhou Changle Intl.
FUG China Fuyang, China – Fuyang Xiguan
FUO China Foshan, China – Foshan Shadi
FYJ China Fuyuan, China – Fuyuan Dongji
GHN China Guanghan, China – Guanghan
GOQ China Golmud, China – Golmud
GXH China Xiahe, China – Gannan Xiahe
GYS China Guangyuan, China – Guangyuan Panlong
GYU China Guyuan, China – Guyuan Liupanshan
HAK China Haikou, China – Meilan Intl.
HCJ China Hechi, China – Hechi Jinchengjiang
HDG China Handan, China – Handan
HEK China Heihe, China – Heihe
HET China Hohhot, China – Hohhot Baita Intl.
HFE China Hefei, China – Hefei Luogang Intl
HGH China Hangzhou, China – Hangzhou Xiaoshan Intl.
HIA China Huai’an, China – Huai’an Lianshui
HJJ China Huaihua, China – Huaihua Zhijiang
HLD China Hailar, China – Hulunbuir Hailar
HLH China Ulanhot, China – Ulanhot
HMI China Hami, China – Hami
HNY China Hengyang, China – Hengyang Nanyue
HPG China Shennongjia, China – Shennongjia Hongping
HRB China Harbin, China – Harbin Taiping Intl.
HSC China Shaoguan, China – Shaoguan Guitou
HSJ China Zhengzhou, China – Zhengzhou Shangjie
HSN China Zhoushan, China – Zhoushan
HTN China Hotan, China – Hotan
HTT China Huatugou, China – Huatugou
HUZ China Huizhou, China – Huizhou Pingtan
HXD China Delingha, China – Delingha
HYN China Taizhou, China – Taizhou Luqiao
HZG China Hanzhong, China – Hanzhong
HZH China Liping, China – Liping
INC China Yinchuan, China – Yinchuan Hedong
IQM China Qiemo, China – Qiemo
IQN China Qingyang, China – Qingyang
JDZ China Jingdezhen, China – Jingdezhen
JGD China Jiagedaqi, China – Jiagedaqi
JGN China Jiayuguan, China – Jiayuguan
JGS China Ji’an, China – Jinggangshan
JHG China Jinghong, China – Xishuangbanna Gasa
JIC China Jinchang, China – Jinchang Jinchuan
JIL China Jilin, China – Jilin Ertaizi
JIQ China Qianjiang, China – Qianjiang Wulingshan
JIU China Jiujiang, China – Jiujiang Lushan
JJN China Quanzhou, China – Quanzhou Jinjiang
JMU China Jiamusi, China – Jiamusi
JNG China Jining, China – Jining Qufu
JNZ China Jinzhou, China – Jinzhou Xiaolingzi
JUH China Chizhou, China – Chizhou Jiuhuashan
JUZ China Quzhou, China – Quzhou
JXA China Jixi, China – Jixi Xingkaihu
JZH China Jiuzhaigou, China – Jiuzhai Huanglong
KCA China Kuqa, China – Kuqa Qiuci
KGT China Kangding, China – Kangding
KHG China Kashgar, China – Kashgar
KHN China Nanchang, China – Nanchang Changbei Intl.
KJH China Kaili, China – Kaili Huangping
KJI China Burqin, China – Kanas
KMG China Kunming, China – Kunming Changshui Intl
KOW China Ganzhou, China – Ganzhou Huangjin
KRL China Korla, China – Korla
KRY China Karamay, China – Karamay
KWE China Guiyang, China – Guiyang Longdongbao Intl.
KWL China Guilin, China – Guilin Liangjiang Intl.
LCX China Longyan, China – Longyan Guanzhishan
LDS China Yichun, China – Yichun Lindu
LFQ China Linfen, China – Linfen Qiaoli
LHK China Laohekou, China – Laohekou
LHW China Lanzhou, China – Lanzhou Zhongchuan
LIA China Liangping, China – Liangping
LJG China Lijiang, China – Lijiang Sanyi
LLB China Libo, China – Libo (Qiannan)
LLF China Yongzhou, China – Yongzhou Lingling
LLV China Lüliang, China – Lüliang
LNJ China Lincang, China – Lincang
LPF China Liupanshui, China – Liupanshui Yuezhao
LUM China Mang City, China – Mangshi
LXA China Lhasa, China – Lhasa Gonggar
LYA China Luoyang, China – Luoyang Beijiao
LYG China Lianyungang, China – Lianyungang Baitabu
LYI China Linyi, China – Linyi Shubuling
LZH China Liuzhou, China – Liuzhou Bailian
LZO China Luzhou, China – Luzhou Yunlong
LZY China Nyingchi, China – Nyingchi Mainling
MDG China Mudanjiang, China – Mudanjiang Hailang Intl.
MFM China Macau, China – Macau Intl.
MIG China Mianyang, China – Mianyang Nanjiao
MXZ China Meizhou, China – Meixian
NAO China Nanchong, China – Nanchong Gaoping
NAY China Beijing, China – Beijing Nanyuan
NBS China Baishan, China – Changbaishan
NDG China Qiqihar, China – Qiqihar Sanjiazi
NGB China Ningbo, China – Ningbo Lishe Intl.
NGQ China Shiquanhe, China – Ngari Gunsa
NKG China Nanking/Nanjing, China – Nanjing Lukou Intl.
NLH China Ninglang, China – Ninglang Luguhu
NLT China Xinyuan, China – Xinyuan Nalati
NNG China Nanning, China – Nanning
NNY China Nanyang, China – Nanyang Jiangying
NTG China Nantong, China – Nantong
NZH China Manzhouli, China – Manzhouli Xijiao
NZL China Zhalantun, China – Zhalantun Chengjisihan
OHE China Mohe, China – Mohe Gulian
PEK China Beijing, China – Beijing Capital Intl.
PNJ China Penglai, China – Penglai Shahekou
PVG China Shanghai, China – Shanghai Pudong Intl.
PZI China Panzhihua, China – Panzhihua Bao’anying
RHT China Alxa Right Banner, China – Alxa Right Banner Badanjilin
RIZ China Rizhao, China – Rizhao Shanzihe
RKZ China Shigatse, China – Shigatse Peace
RLK China Bayannur, China – Bayannur Tianjitai
RUG China Rugao, China – Rugao ABase
SHA China Shanghai, China – Shanghai Hongqiao Intl
SHE China Shenyang, China – Shenyang Taoxian Intl.
SHF China Shihezi, China – Shihezi Huayuan
SHP China Qinhuangdao, China – Qinhuangdao Shanhaiguan
SHS China Shashi, China – Shashi
SIA China Xi’an, China – Xi’an Xiguan
SJW China Shijiazhuang, China – Shijiazhuang Zhengding Intl.
SQD China Shangrao, China – Shangrao Sanqingshan
SQJ China Sanming, China – Sanming Shaxian
SWA China Shantou/Jieyang/Chaozhou, China – Jieyang Chaoshan
SXJ China Shanshan, China – Shanshan
SYM China Simao, China – Simao
SYX China Sanya, China – Sanya Phoenix Intl.
SZV China Suzhou, China – Guangfu
SZX China Shenzhen, China – Shenzhen Bao’an Intl.
TAO China Qingdao, China – Qingdao Liuting Intl.
TCG China Tacheng, China – Tacheng
TCZ China Tengchong, China – Tengchong Tuofeng
TEN China Tongren, China – Tongren Fenghuang
TGO China Tongliao, China – Tongliao
THQ China Tianshui, China – Tianshui Maijishan
TLQ China Turpan, China – Turpan Jiaohe
TNA China Jinan, China – Jinan Yaoqiang Intl.
TNH China Tonghua, China – Tonghua Sanyuanpu
TSN China Tianjin, China – Tianjin Binhai Intl.
TVS China Tangshan, China – Tangshan Sannühe
TXN China Tunxi, China – Huangshan Tunxi Intl.
TYN China Taiyuan, China – Taiyuan Wusu Intl.
URC China Ürümqi, China – Urumqi Diwopu Intl.
UYN China Yulin in Shaanxi Province, China – Yulin
WDS China Shiyan, China – Shiyan Wudangshan
WEF China Weifang, China – Weifang
WEH China Weihai, China – Weihai
WNH China Wenshan, China – Wenshan
WNZ China Wenzhou, China – Wenzhou Yongqiang Intl.
WUA China Wuhai, China – Wuhai
WUH China Wuhan, China – Wuhan Tianhe Intl.
WUS China Wuyishan City as well as Nanping, China – Nanping Wuyishan
WUX China Wuxi/Suzhou, China – Wuxi
WUZ China Wuzhou, China – Wuzhou Changzhoudao
WXN China Wanzhou, China – Wanzhou Wuqiao
XEN China Xingcheng, China – Xingcheng
XFN China Xiangfan, China – Xiangfan
XIC China Qingshan, China – Xichang Qingshan
XIL China Xilinhot, China – Xilinhot
XIN China Xingning, China – Xingning
XIY China Xianyang, China – Xi’an Xianyang Intl.
XMN China Xiamen, China – Xiamen Gaoqi Intl.
XNN China Xining, China – Xining Caojiabao
XNT China Xingtai, China – Xingtai
XUZ China Xuzhou, China – Xuzhou Guanyin
YBP China Yibin, China – Yibin Caiba
YCU China Yuncheng, China – Yuncheng Guangong
YIC China Yichun, China – Yichun Mingyueshan
YIE China Arxan, China – Arxan
YIH China Yichang, China – Yichang Sanxia
YIN China Yining, China – Yining
YIW China Yiwu, China – Yiwu
YKH China Yingkou, China – Yingkou Lanqi
YLN China Yilan, China – Yilan
YNJ China Yanji, China – Yanji Chaoyangchuan
YNT China Yantai, China – Yantai Laishan Intl.
YNZ China Yancheng, China – Yancheng Nanyang
YTY China Yangzhou and Taizhou, China – Yangzhou Taizhou
YUA China Yuanmou, China – Yuanmou
YUS China Yushu, China – Yushu Batang
YZY China Zhangye, China – Zhangye Ganzhou
ZAT China Zhaotong, China – Zhaotong
ZGC China Lanzhou, China – Lanzhou Zhongchuan (Lanzhou West)
ZHA China Zhanjiang, China – Zhanjiang
ZHY China Zhongwei, China – Zhongwei Xiangshan
ZQZ China Zhangjiakou, China – Zhangjiakou
ZUH China Zhuhai, China – Zhuhai Jinwan
ZYI China Zunyi, China – Zunyi