Airports in Chile

There are 40 airports in Chile with scheduled flights. The biggest airport in Chile is Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport with flights to 40 destinations from 22 airlines operating.

Tha biggest airline is Lan (LAN Airlines) offering three different types of flights which are Premium Business, Premium Economy and Economy, each one with excellent flying reviews from previous clients.

At the list below you will find all information related to the airports in Chile like flight routes and scheduled arrivals and departures on that airport.

Specific flight routes are available and you can also find other airports nearby in case you prefer flights from close cities.

List of Chile airports:

Code Country Airport Name
ANF Chile Antofagasta, Chile – Aeropuerto Cerro Moreno
ARI Chile Arica, Chile – Chacalluta Arica
BBA Chile Balmaceda, Chile – Balmaceda
CCH Chile Chile Chico, Chile – Chile Chico Airfield
CCP Chile Concepción, Chile – Carriel Sur Intl.
CJC Chile Calama, Chile – El Loa
CNR Chile Chañaral, Chile – Chañaral
COW Chile Coquimbo, Chile – Coquimbo
CPO Chile Copiapó, Chile – Desierto de Atacama
ESR Chile El Salvador, Chile – El Salvador
FFU Chile Futaleufú, Chile – Futaleufú Airfield
FRT Chile Frutillar, Chile – Frutillar
GXQ Chile Coyhaique, Chile – Teniente Vidal Airfield
IPC Chile Easter Isl, Chile – Mataveri Intl.
IQQ Chile Iquique, Chile – Diego Aracena Intl.
KNA Chile Viña del Mar, Chile – Viña del Mar
LGR Chile Cochrane, Chile – Cochrane Airfield
LOB Chile Los Andes, Chile – San Rafael
LSC Chile La Serena, Chile – La Florida
LSQ Chile Los Ángeles, Chile – Maria Dolores
MHC Chile Castro, Chile – Mocopulli
OVL Chile Ovalle, Chile – El Tuqui
PMC Chile Puerto Montt, Chile – El Tepual Intl.
PNT Chile Puerto Natales, Chile – Tte. Julio Gallardo
PUQ Chile Punta Arenas, Chile – Presidente Carlos Ibanez del Campo Intl.
PUX Chile Puerto Varas, Chile – El Mirador
PZS Chile Temuco, Chile – Maquehue
SCL Chile Santiago, Chile – Comodoro Arturo Merino Benitez Intl.
SMB Chile Cerro Sombrero, Chile – Franco Bianco
WCA Chile Castro, Chile – Gamboa
WCH Chile Chaitén, Chile – Chaitén
WPA Chile Puerto Aisén, Chile – Puerto Aisén
YAI Chile Chillán, Chile – General Bernardo O’Higgins
ZAL Chile Valdivia, Chile – Pichoy
ZCO Chile Temuco, Chile – Temuco Maquehue
ZCQ Chile Curicó, Chile – General Freire Airfield
ZIC Chile Victoria, Chile – Victoria
ZOS Chile Osorno, Chile – Canal Bajo Carlos – Hott Siebert
ZPC Chile Pucón, Chile – Pucón
ZUD Chile Ancud, Chile – Pupelde

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