Airports in Afghanistan

There are 32 airports in Afghanistan with scheduled flights. In Afghanistan the largest airport is Hamid Karzai in Kabul with flights to 15 destinations.

Some of the airlines based in Afghanistan are Ariana, Safi Airlines, Kamgar or East Horizon.

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All Afghanistan airports:

Code Country Airport Name
BIN Afghanistan Bamyan, Afghanistan – Bamyan
BST Afghanistan Lashkar Gah, Afghanistan – Bost
CCN Afghanistan Chaghcharan, Afghanistan – Chaghcharan
DAZ Afghanistan Darwaz, Afghanistan – Darwaz
FAH Afghanistan Farah, Afghanistan – Farah
FBD Afghanistan Fayzabad, Afghanistan – Fayzabad
GRG Afghanistan Gardez, Afghanistan – Gardez
GZI Afghanistan Ghazni, Afghanistan – Ghazni
HEA Afghanistan Herat, Afghanistan – Herat Intl.
JAA Afghanistan Jalalabad, Afghanistan – Jalalabad
KBL Afghanistan Kabul, Afghanistan – Kabul Intl.
KDH Afghanistan Kandahar, Afghanistan – Kandahar Intl
KHT Afghanistan Khost, Afghanistan – Khost Airfield
KUR Afghanistan Kuran Munjan, Afghanistan – Razer
KWH Afghanistan Khwahan, Afghanistan – Khwahan
LQN Afghanistan Qala i Naw, Afghanistan – Qala i Naw
MMZ Afghanistan Maymana, Afghanistan – Maymana
MZR Afghanistan Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan – Mazar-i-Sharif Airfield
OAA Afghanistan Gardez, Afghanistan – Forward Operating Base Shank
OAH Afghanistan Shindand, Afghanistan – Shindand ABase
OAI Afghanistan Bagram, Afghanistan – Bagram Airfield
OAS Afghanistan Sharana, Afghanistan – Sharana Airstrip/Forward Operating Base Sharana
OAZ Afghanistan Lashkar Gah, Afghanistan – Camp Bastion ABase
OLR Afghanistan Khost, Afghanistan – Forward Operating Base Salerno
SBF Afghanistan Band-e Sardeh Dam, Afghanistan – Sardeh Band
SGA Afghanistan Shighnan, Afghanistan – Sheghnan
TII Afghanistan Tirin Kut, Afghanistan – Tarinkot
TQN Afghanistan Taloqan, Afghanistan – Taloqan
UND Afghanistan Kunduz, Afghanistan – Kunduz
URN Afghanistan Urgun, Afghanistan – Urgun
URZ Afghanistan Khas Urozgan, Afghanistan – Uruzgan
ZAJ Afghanistan Zaranj, Afghanistan – Zaranj