Jeddah Airport

Formally known as King Abdulaziz International Airport and recognized by the acronym JED. It is the primary and busiest airport in Saudi Arabia, hosting flights to more than 40 million passengers per year.

Where is the airport located?

The airport is located 19 km (11 miles) north of Jeddah City Center, the second-largest city in Saudi Arabia, and is recognized for its resorts and tourist attractions.

How many terminals does the Airport have?

There are 4 terminals at this airport distributed in the following way:

  • Terminal 1: is being used for domestic and international flights, however, it will eventually be replaced by the other terminals.
  • North Terminal: used only for international flights with 14 boarding gates, and an area for food and retail stores.
  • Hajj Terminal: is used for pilgrims only who travel to Mecah and Umrah.
  • VIP Terminal: is only used by official guests like kings and heads of state.

What is the distance from the airport to the center of Jeddah?

Located 19 km (11 miles) north of Jeddah City Center, in Saudi Arabia. Its proximity allows users to get to and from the airport to choose from several types of transportation according to their needs and budget.

Which airline flies to and from Jeddah Airport?

There are over 40 different airlines at this airport, and only a few of them lead the amount of flights provided, with an average of 20 national and international destinations.

The leading airlines are Saudia followed by Flynas, Iran Air, Garuda Indonesia, Flyadeal, Lion Air, and Turkish Airlines.

How to get to Jeddah Airport?

There are 3 main public transportation options that users may choose from, each of them with the following specifications:

  • Bus: It is the cheapest option with an average cost per ticket of $21 USD. The time it takes to get to the airport is around 35 min.
  • Train: is a relatively new service that started operating in 2019, it is available from 6:30 am to 12:00 am.
  • Taxi: available 24/7, fares may vary from one company to another. The estimated time it takes to get to the airport is 15 to 20 min.

How much does a taxi cost to and from Jeddah?

Taking a taxi is also considered private transportation, therefore its fares are much higher than taking a train or a bus. The price can go from $12 to $25 USD, a recommendation for users is to ask for the price before taking this transportation to avoid surprises.

What rental companies are available at Jeddah Airport?

Rental car companies are private transportation that users find more comfortable and efficient, especially when traveling with a group of people and wanting to get to know better the city. Some of the companies available are Avis Budget, Yelo, Alamo, and Lumi.

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